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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

Ailith Lior, Kokoro Maimi, and Kumori
Light, Apprentices
Everlastia, Guild Courtyard-> Mess Hall

"Hey, what's your problem?!" Kokoro demanded as the jerk who pulled Rush's hat down walked away, and didn't look back.

"He's a jerk, Kokoro. Every world has them." Ailith spoke loudly and pointedly. If the guy was going to pick on someone, she'd give the jerk a surprise pretty fast. She wasn't human to begin with--as an Angel, she was more durable and stronger than most humans, but her training as part of the Guard made her even more dangerous--particularly with hand-to-hand and a bow. The pocky-eating girl with the small pair of delicate white wings was a lot more dangerous than her appearance let on, and that was often what got her opponents handed an easy defeat. Both girls had fixed their attention on Trayner, but their heads snapped around at the crack at Kumori.

In his unstable state, Kumori could feel the darkness edging closer and closer to the surface, it was only a matter of time before it broke free even with all of Kokoro and Ailith's efforts. The comment broke his hold over it, and Kumori gave a soft whimper and clutched Kokoro's arm tightly before his face twisted into an expression of pure hate and sadism and he let go of Kokoro's arm entirely, stepping towards the bully who had made the remark. "No, but I'll make you wish you'd brought yours so you could cling to it while you scream for your mommy when I--" The sharply hissed comment was broken off as Kokoro jumped forward and grabbed her friend's arm with both hands and dug her heels into the floor.

"Kumori," She half-shouted, half-gasped, "snap OUT of it!" Ailith dove between the pair and the bully, immediately what was going on.

"I'd get out of here now before he breaks her grip and tears you to pieces. There won't be anything we, or probably any of the Masters, could do about it." She warned darkly, maybe she was exaggerating a bit, but if it got the guy out of here before Kumori hurt either of them to get to the bully, then so be it.

The bully laughed in her face. "Him? Ha! Yeah, right! What are you going to do about it, miss fairy princess?" He asked--wrong answer. Ailith grinned wickedly around her half-eaten piece of pocky and took a moment to finish the rest of it before speaking again.

"Heh, fairy princess? Nice try, but my wings are feathered, not buglike or naturelike at all; I'm an Angel. Second, this Angel is going to make you take back the blanket comment and the fairy princess joke, then send you off the the trash can to go look for your dignity. You can back down now, or I simply blow your tough guy reputation to to the demon plane." She brushed herself off lightly with her gloved hands as she spoke, as it trying to clear away dust on her skirt and armor, appearing almost disinterested.

"Oh? You think you can take me on? I'm not responsible if you get hurt, girly." Some of his conpanions who had seem what was going on began to hoot and laugh at the remark. Ailith just looked back to him and smiled.

"Oh? Then I guess I'm not responsible when you get hurt, little boy." She said, never deviating from a tone beyond pleasant politeness, but looking completely viscious nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Kokoro had drawn Kumori's attention to her with her display of trying to hold him back. "Let me go, girl." He spat at her without bothering to turn around. Kokoro tugged backward on his arm insistently.

"No. I will not, snap out of it, Kumori!" She ordered boldy, for once she had stood up to the darkness rather than backing down and trying to pull Kumori out of it gently. This situation could quickly turn bad if he didn't become himself again soon.

Without warning, Kumori spun on his heel, raising his arm as though he planned on slapping her as hard as he possibly could. Kokoro cringed and braced herself for the impact, something that never came. When she realized he had frozen, Kokoro eased, only to find Kumori's hand just milimeters from her face and a tormented expression on his own. His eyes were wide and held an expression of fear in them as he looked at her, his hand trembled, but remained frozen where it was, barely prevented from contacting her cheek. "Kokoro, I..." The frail whisper was barely there, but she caught it. Gently, the girl took hold of his hand and pulled it down to fall at his side.

"It's okay. You didn't hurt me, just gave me a little scare." She told him, as though the fact he had nearly slapped her meant nothing. In fact, to Kokoro it really did not mean much--he hadn't hurt her or anyone else and had regained himself quickly. That it itself was a relief compared to what he could do and had done before, tearing apart anything near him, trying to fight Xin and actually giving their Master a tough time... Either he was getting better at controlling himself, or they had been incredibly lucky.

OOC: Out of time, and it gives people room to react, jump in, try to diffuse the situation, etc... Ailith is seriously ready to beat down some bullies, though.

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