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Toshiro's fur stood on end as he fired the pin missiles. Elena could see that they weren't doing very much, but that wasn't the key play. On the end, the Jolteon wove his paralyzing energy into the last of his spines, and the Thunder Wave wrapped around Slowbro as it hit, coiling around him with flashy lines. It sunk into the Water-type, hopefully slowing him down and making it harder for him to move.

It may have let them have time to react to the next move he did. The air around the Slowbro's maw shimmered as if hot, and then the creature opened up his mouth. A fireball was waiting, and in an instant, it fired off, hurtling toward her Jolteon.

She had only seconds to act. An idea flashed across her mind, and although it was kinda far-fetched and crazy, it was all she could think of. She just hoped Toshiro would be on board.

“Quick, throw up a Light Screen, Toshiro! Angle it toward the lake!”

The electric fox nodded and gathered energy to himself, preparing the semi-transparent screen that would hopefully protect them. She thought about that a little too late; if it didn't work, she'd probably be in range to get singed too, since she was right behind the Jolteon. There wasn't time to move though; she had to get the next set of instructions out. They had to be on the ball. She wasn't expecting it to be completely negated, but hopefully the blow would be lessened.

She saw a rainbow-colored glimmering as the sun shined across the forming panel. The lake sparkled too, and that was the source of her inspiration.

When it was raining, fairly inaccurate moves like Toshiro's Thunder, were far more accurate. Since that was one of his most powerful techniques, it would come in handy for wearing down the Slowbro a little. They had spent a lot of time setting up, now it was time to dish out some damage. They wouldn't ever make the capture if they couldn't wear him out a little more.

Her idea was to basically make it rain using the Fire Blast. It was a very, very long shot, but her Jolteon would be able to use his move either way, she supposed. The rain would help, but it wasn't necessary. A part of her also just wanted to see if it would work. The sun evaporated water, say from a lake, which in turn rose into the air and cooled. It got heavier as it chilled, and then it would fall as rain.

If she could heat up the water in the lake with the blast enough to make it evaporate, there was a chance that it would rise and cool enough to start raining. From what she heard, it rained a fair bit in the Lakes anyway, so maybe it wouldn't be so ridiculous. Either way, they had to try.

“Toshiro, it might start raining if this works right. Even if it doesn't, fire of a Thunder! It's time to pull our weight in this battle.”

Since Slowbro was out of the water, she didn't have to worry about hurting any of the other Pokémon that lived there with the powerful blast. Toshiro concentrated more, and while preparing his screen, he was charging up energy as well. She saw it jump from spine to spine all over his fur. His eyes also started to glow yellow. It would be quite the spectacle if this actually worked.


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