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Default Re: Breeding chain for Deino with both Earth Power and Dark Pulse?

Originally Posted by bronislav84 View Post
Flamethrower? Wasn't Focus Blast being recommended before? Also I will have a Fire type on the team with stab. So why have Flamethrower?
lol sorry, Im not trying to make things confusing. Focus Blast was recomended as you 4th Attacking option over Dark Pulse and Earthpower. Flamethrower/Fire Blast are absolutely MANDATORY 100%! The reason being, with a powerful Dragon attack you need to be able to cover the steel types that resist it. Dragon + Fire hits so many types for amazing damage, the only pokemon that resist both Dragon and Fire is... well Heatran, who now likes to be holding Air Balloon. Focus Blast rippes Heatran a new one thats why it is recomended. Dark is also resisted by steels and offers very little in terms of attional type coverage.
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