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Originally Posted by Viva la Gofre View Post
Actually I do understand what a Heavy Offence team is, I also understand what it used to be. Your description of heavy offence is what you would expect from 4th gen, things have changed substantially since then. Heavy offence in the fifth generation refers to any playstyle catering heavily towards aggressive play. This particular variant of HO has pretty much died out, using a dual screener to facilitate setup is still common, but five sweepers on the same side of the attacking spectrum is almost unhread of now, the metagame's too different.
My team is still completely viable because it works almost completely the same as last gen. You see if i split my my team to physical and special i have to deal with two walls rather than one (you must know that 1 is better than 2 in this situation). With that happening i don't get walled to death by blissey or chansey (which nearly every special attacker does) i only have to deal with physical wall and when thats done it's basically GG. Now I can see that your not a dumb fellow so could you point out any good reasons why this is not viable.

Originally Posted by Viva la Gofre View Post
Be my guest, explain how this team laughs in the face of Skarmory, because Fire Blast aside nothing on this team can 2HKO it without setting up, and it will just keep Roosting and PHazing you and racking up hazard damage. It can come in on Scizor or Gyarados as they set up (Or Terrakion if you choose Rock Polish) or Salamence if you lock yourself into Outrage. Once it's in safely, you don't have anything that can comfortably dislodge it.
I think you forgot that this is a SET-UP TEAM because really who sends out a skarmory (or any wall for that matter) on a Deoxys-s like come on. So one of my guys is going to have have used a set-up move atleast once and by there any of my pokemon can do a fairly large amount of damage to there wall then get phazed out for me to send in salamence or a pokemon with a super effective move to finish of there wall then it's GG really. Also scizor can do about 70% at +2 to a skarmory with superpower where at that range any of my pokemon can come in and finish it.

Originally Posted by Viva la Gofre View Post
Lucario loses to Conkeldurr by the way, he only taks a maximum of 62% from a +2 Extremespeed.
Lastly i new that lucario couldn't kill him with a +2 i was kind of implying if i had +4 or he was already weakened that's why i said potentially.

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