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Eishiba and Talim slowly entered the cave. The cave was dark,once they entered inside. "I can't see anything." Talim said.
As they stood there in the dark, they heard a noise that sounded like a buzz. Like a buzz from a bug. Talim jumped saying, "Whats there? What is that noise?"
So Eishiba released his Torchic. He looked at the little Torchic and said, "hey, do you think you can give us some light?" The tiny bumbling chick breathed a small amount of fire from its mouth. When the area they were in was lighter, they looked through the cave as the noise kept going. Eishiba moved toward the other end of the cave. He took slow steps forward, the rocky ground beneath him echoing through the cave with each step. Talim said, "Dont' go over there. What if its dangerous...Whatever it is..."
Eishiba thought about that. He took another pokeball from his belt and opened it. The light formed to reveal his Buneary. His Buneary looked up at him as Eishiba knelt down and said, "I need you help. You have big ears so you can hear really well. There is a noise coming from the other side of the cave. Can you help me find it?"

Buneary smiled and jumped up and down and stood still listening. Through the silence, the sound came again, sounding like a chirping buzz like sound. Talim again jumped, holding her mouth shut to avoid screaming. Buneary began to move through the cave. Eishiba turned to Talim and Torchic and waved them both forward. Talim shook as she walked behind everyone. The noise then stopped, and Buneary stopped as the noise faded.
Talim said, "What if its some kind of monster?"
Eishiba couldn't help but laugh. His laughter only increased when he saw Buneary chuckling as well. He looked at Talim and said, "Even Buneary thinks your crazy."

Talim crossed her arms and said, "Its just scary. Thats all..."
Eishiba put a hand up as the noise sounded yet again. Buneary stretched its ears out and began hopping through the cave. Eishiba walked next to Torchic with Talim behind. The cave was silent and baren, all but for the sound...and lots of dirt. Eishiba almost thought he was back inside Brock's gym. Buneary walked to a boulder and hopped on top. It looked at the ground and hopped in place. It made little clicking noises with its tongue as Eishiba moved closer. He looked at the ground over the boulder and saw a small purple creature. It resembled a purple scorpion, with 4 small claws for legs, and its stinger had a claw, and its claws had stingers. Its two stingers were attached to its head. It looked up at Eishiba and Buneary and jumped out at them. It lept over them both and stood between them and Talim and Torchic. Talim shreiked seeing the small bug. The loud buzzing and chirping noise was louder. Talim backed away as far as she could. Torchic stood a little nervously as the creature turned and looked at it. Eishiba quickly took out his Pokedex and scanned the creature. The pokedex spoke saying, "Skorupi, the Scorpion Pokemon. It grips prey with its tail claws and injects poison. It tenaciously hangs on until the poison takes." Eishiba's eyes grew a little wide as it repeated, "Poison?"

Just as he looked up, the Skorupi had attacked Torchic, knocking it back as it stopped lighting the cave. The cave went black as Eishiba said, "Torchic, get up quickly, light the room again." A few seconds later, the cave was bright again. Eishiba saw Skorupi making another attempt at Torchic. "Watch out Torchic!" Torchic wasn't the fastest. It turned to run and tripped over its own feet. It looked like Skorupi would attack it again. Just before it did, Eishiba's Buneary jumped between them and hit Skorupi with its hand with a massive pound. Skorupi buzzed loud and lept forward at Buneary. The two began battling it out. Eishiba said, "Buneary, pound it!"
Buneary raised its hand and went for another pound but the Skorupi countered by biting its fist. Buneary shook a little, trying to get the Skorupi to let go. Just then the scorpion pokemon used its stingers and stung Buneary. Buneary made a loud clicking noise with toungue and stumbled back. It started to look pale, similar to when it battle Kalen's Weedle. "Buneary are you ok?" Buneary didn't answer. It just stood holding its stomach. Skorupi made another attack, knocking Buneary back. "Buneary, can you stand?" Buneary slowly stood up as Eishiba tried another attack, "Use Quick Attack!" Buneary shook its head for a moment then charged at Skorupi with a fast attack, charging right into it. Skorupi buzzed loud as it shook the attack off. Talim shouted, "Just leave it alone!"

Eishiba said, "Buneary, try another pound!" Buneary tried to move. It held its stomach, making a coughing noise. Then it finally attacked. Skorupi took another pound right to the face. Again, the Skorupi didn't seem stunned. It went for another attack. "Watch out!" Eishiba called out. Then Buneary lept into the air and came down right on top of Skorupi. Eishiba smiled and said, "Good job Buneary, use another bounce!" Skorupi couldn't counter the move as its opponent would bounce into the air and stomping on its back. Finally Skorupi stopped moving and laid still. Moves from the air seemed to be really good against this bug. Eishiba looked at the bug laying still. Buneary waddled back sluggishly, holding its stomach, back to Eishiba. Eishiba called Buneary back to its pokeball, knowing it would need to rest. He would also need to get to aPokemon Center to heal its poison. Eishiba heard Talim say, "Oh no!"

The Skorupi bagan to stand again slowly. Eishiba thought, "Thats it!" He took out a pokeball and threw it at the bug pokemon. It contacted and sucked the pokemon inside. The pokeball held tightly as the bug pokemon couldn't put up much of a fight to escape. The pokeball pinged, signalling the successful capture. Eishiba smiled and said, "I have a Skorupi!" Talim shrugged saying, "And leave it in there!"
Eishiba laughed and said, "Lets get out of this cave....before we find a monster!"
Talim's eyes grew wide as she stooped down and picked up Torchic and used its light to run through the cave. "Hey wait for me!" Eishiba said as he ran after her. Eishiba smiled to himself. He had captured his first pokemon.
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