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Default Re: New Horizons: Dark Arceus [all-inclusive mon/morph/trainer/wild/etc]

Cody &Sara,
Sometimes dreams take you on a journey...

Indigo Plateau
Champion's room
5 months prior

"Took me long enough to win. Now hurry up and register me, Oak."

"Okay, okay. You're the new champion."

" what do I do?"

"I dunno, go stand in the champions room?" Cody reluctantly turned around and walked back into the champion's room, sitting on the pokeball motif on the floor. And then he waited. And waited.

"I'm going to be the next champion!" Cody was startled by the voice. A small boy was standing in front of him, his smile radiating across the room.

"Be my guest, all you do is stand in one spot." Cody said quietly, walking past the boy and out of the room. Past all of the Elite Four, and out of the building.

"Now why did you do that?" Sara rang out when she got out of her pokeball, she was still an eevee.

"because it's the stupidest job in the world, and I would much rather finish my translator, as that will have a bigger impact on the world." Cody said, still walking away from the building.

"You do know how long you were champion, right?"

"About a day."

"Try fifteen minutes. Nobody's going to remember you." Cody made a soft thump as his side hit the ground, his face stricken with shock.

4 months prior

"*sigh* where are we going now?" Sara asked, sitting on the deck beside Cody.

"I'm a disgrace to the region of Kanto, so we're going somewhere else." Cody said, one hand on the steering wheel, the other at his side.

"*sigh* whatever..." Sara fell asleep quietly, resting her head on the wood floor.

Veilstone City
1 day prior

"Yeah, we made it! Wait, where are we?" Cody said, puzzled that he actually found land. They had been at sea for nearly 4 months, but they had ample rations for the trip.

"Veilstone..." Sara said quietly, not really caring if they hit ground or not. Then something hit the boat, and Sara was hit in the head by a flying object.

She awoke munutes later, feeling bigger than before. She looked at her paw and shrieked.

"What the hell did you do to me?!" Sara yelled out at Cody, who hadn't left the boat yet and was gathering his equipment.

"I didn't do anything. We hit a giant fire sone, and I guess a chip smacked you in the face." Cody said as he picked up a few electronical components and stuffed them in a bag.

"How can you be so calm?! I don't want to be a flareon!"

"I'll find some way to reverse it. We're losing daylight, let's get to the hotel." Cody said quietly, walking off and away from the boat. Sara followed, still not used to her new body, and angry Cody would let something like this happen. But she know he would somehow fix it, so she decided this would be a trial run.

Veilstone Hotel, room 361
Present day

Cody woke up slowly. Something furry was pressed up against him, and he almost jumped when he saw the girl. 'So she's the clingy type...' he thought as he concentrated on getting away without waking her. He slipped quietly away from her arms, letting her arms down as slow as he possibaly could.'If she notices anything awry, she won't be very happy.' Cody thought, stepping into the adjacent room. His tools sat neatly organised, a half complete translator sitting apart from the tools. He decided he wasn't going to work on the translator that night, and instead settled on protecting the girl. Then he remembered he could use pokemon moves. He silently used Protect, while holding a small cube with a screen on it.

The screen quietly lit up, displaying lines of code. He plugged the cube into his small laptop, then pasted all the codes in a document.

'Ah, Omnicube. What would I do without you?' he thought, pressing keys lightly so they emitted no noise.

'Now how to disguise it...' Cody thought, looking at the spherical crystal which now held the code. His eyes fell on a silver chain, and he hastily stuck the crystal to it, but still added a bit of flair by melting a thick wire of metal and winding it around the ball from top to bottom, making a professional looking piece of jewlery. It shined lightly, a green glow emitting from it. 'Perfect. Now to sneak back to bed...' he thought, walking quietly back to the bedroom, a dim green glow from his right hand.

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