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Daniel Redrock and Drauvant Domini
Alignment: Deviant - Grafix and WAE - Tungz
Location: Outskirts of San Fran, CA
ARPers: Winter_Cherry (Allen Whiteflower, Shiba Set, and Argeno Balk)

Daniel froze up for a second, staring back at Al and Shiba, dimly aware that he had come very, very close to being killed. Then he shook his head. He was clearly being offered a spot in the truck, and being in the truck meant being faster than his pursuer by a margin of a lot. He ran forward and hopped into the open seat, slamming the door shut behind him.

"Thanks," he panted with breathless gratitude. He glanced nervously out the window. The WAE was getting to his feet, and the look on his face permanently wrote a new definition of 'cold, murderous fury' into Daniel's mind. Daniel frankly could see why he was upset... But this was a little extreme, especially considering that Daniel was the victim.

"Can we please hurry?" Daniel asked meekly. "Because if we don't I doubt we'll be alive much longer."

Cyrus Nelvenmig and Fury
Alignment: For the Deviants
Location: The outskirts of Inau, near Umecit.
ARPers: Those fighting the Antivity.

Fury lifted her head to the sky and raised a lioness's roar to the heavens, answering the shriek with the sound of her ear pain. A couple of the Antitivity turned their heads to the lioness and the Lumanx, and a samurai-esque Sona rushed at the newcomers. Fury snarled and leaped at the samurai, raking his armor with slashing claws. He managed to knock her off and he turned on her, blade lifted. However, Cyrus was on the Sona in a heartbeat, sinking long fangs into the samurai's throat.

"Where," Cyrus growled, is your bushido now?"

Without waiting for an answer he sailed into battle. Fury followed in a heartbeat. Around her, on her side, she could see an odd blue ball, a massive dragon-like war machine, and two humans, one who appeared to be sprouting claws. Fury would have thought it a doomed fight against over a score of Antitivity, but the dragon was a natural killer, breaking everything it touched. Feeling confident, Fury sprang into ethereality, dematerializing every part of her except her claws. She began her favored trick: leaping from Sona to Sona with nothing but claws exposed, slashing them to bits while she was almost impune.

Cyrus, meanwhile, was running over to help the dragon - one of the Antitivity, an odd, serpentine creature, was sneaking up on it. He grasped the serpent in his fangs and tossed it at a vicious wolf. Cyrus turned toward the dragon. As he caught sight of its face, one thought rang in his mind.

I know you!
I laughed, I cried, I testified;
And in the end found this world altogether lacking.

Thanks, Speed and Dino and also Speed! :D
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