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Default Re: Nexen [RP]

Salem Cristobal Zabaleta
Deviant Paletz
Apparently off of Highway 5, USA
ARPers: Saraibre Ryu

It had been some time since I arrived at the Gas station. I didn't have much to do as I waited for the bread to be ready. I just walked back and forth, waiting, and hoping nothing horrible was going to happen. Really hoping that my instincts wouldn't have tricked me this time. I pulled my motorcycle closer to the fire and sat right next to it. I knew the bread was almost done, but I still didn't know why I was making it in the first place.

That when I heard a strange sound, another motor vehicle. My heart jumped instantly 'cause I knew it could be trouble, but I didn't hide or move away. I just waited there, silently watching over the bread but panicking on the inside. I knew that whoever it was, WAE or Deviant, would immediately find me due to the smell of the bread.

"Excuse me," I heard someone say.

I slowly looked at her. My fear of who it might be was obviously shown in my face. This one time, I had no poker face to hide it. As I looked at the person before me, my eyes instantly locked in to her bandana. That wasn't black she was wearing, but, if she was a WAE, maybe she just couldn't tell what color it was. I thought I had to take a chance. I was thinking that, if she was WAE, she would have probably had me arrested just for being near the source of the smell that probably guided him there.

After realizing I had been staring at her for a few seconds now I shook my head, smiled and said, "Oh, sorry, sorry. Hello! Would you like some bread?"

I put my hand behind my apron, quickly pulling out an oven mitt I had hidden there. I removed the mixing bowl revealing the now fully cooked bread.

"It's not my best since I had to make it in these conditions, but, I was hoping to share it with someone."

I was still nervous, but I was more calm at that moment. It was hard to tell her likes with her dressed like that, but I was pretty sure I saw on her face one thing, at least at that moment, she couldn't say know to free food. I hoped I was right.

As I waited for his answer, I heard a familiar voice calling, and calling anxiously.

Salem?...HEY SALEM!!

"Huh? Dare? You okay?"

"Well...yeah! But I have a battle ahead, remember?!"

"Salem, I'm about to go into battle right now actually. I'll need your help."

"I understand. Please start without me. I'll help as soon as I can. I promise."

"But you..." "Understood. I'll be moving ahead."

Dare Dare Haru
Umecit, Nexen
ARPers: Anyone in the fight with the Antitivities.

"We have to wait just a little bit longer," said the white Tasmanian Devil as he saw his other half tapping his foot impatiently.

"Ugh...wait...Everyone else already jumped in. When is it my turn?!" complained the black one as his tapping switched to stomping the ground.

"Well, if you can contact Salem, I guess you can go ahead."

"Well fine!"

At that moment, Dark Dare began to concentrate.

Salem?...HEY SALEM!!

"Huh? Dare? You okay?"

"Well...yeah! But I have a battle ahead, remember?!"

"Salem, I'm about to go into battle right now actually. I'll need your help."

"I understand. Please start without me. I'll help as soon as I can. I promise."

"But you..." "Understood. I'll be moving ahead."


"Isn't that what you wanted? Let's go."

Light Dare began running towards the battle. His brother just grinned and ran right pass him. As he neared the battle zone, he didn't begin attacking quite yet. Instead, Light Dare kept beating his drum even faster until one of his drumsticks flipped off his hand into the air.

He stretched his art upwards and grabbed the stick again whispering, "Ode to Battle...for creativity."

As he finished saying that, he began to play the drum again. The same song as before, only that this time the song was a bit faster, louder. An energy suddenly burst out of the drums and into the air mixing with the song. It even seemed that instead of breaking or being broken by Shiri's screech, the song was actually phasing through it somehow. At that moment, Dark Dare felt filled with energy himself.

Still playing the drum, both of Dare's selves. Normally they would have been paralyzed by Shiri's screech, but the energy they now felt somehow made them endure it. They headed toward one of the Antitivities. It looked rather shapeless, colorless, like a grey blob squirming inside their signature armor, moving it around. It was odd seeing a that between a group of animal Sonas. Maybe it was an experiment gone wrong? Or maybe a surprise by the WAE. It seemed to be immobilized by the screech either way, so Dark Dare immediately pulled out his sword and jumped in for a strike, but the blob pushed a piece of armor in the way, blocking Dare's attack.

They are not going to make this too easy for us.

They never do.

Dark Dare jumped back and sprinted towards the blob with even more speed. Still, he had to keep his eyes open. After all, this wasn't a duel, but war. Thankfully, he also had his other self there to see for him.

OOC: Dare's song should boost energy and, hopefully, help the other Sonas endure Shiri's screech better. And, no, the whole "for creativity" part wasn't for dramatic effect. It means that the song will only affect Sonas who are currently fighting for that goal. Oh, and Narphoenix, sorry for stealing that line from you. It just fits so well is all. ^^;

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