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Default Re: New Horizons: Dark Arceus [all-inclusive mon/morph/trainer/wild/etc]

Zac Storm
Veilstone City

"Such an amazing city. Meteorites, a department store and a game corner." thought Zac as he strolled down the dark streets. "Unluckily here I have to have this stupid illusion so I don't attract attention to myself" muttered Zac. He turned around and looks at the warehouse. "Finally a place where I can at least lose this illusion." said Zac as he entered.

"I wonder if there is anyone around this city." Zac got onto a crate and thought about what to do now. He thought about getting a hotel room but he remembered that he didn't have any money.

Zac decided to wander around Veilstone City with his disguise on so he can see if there is anyone who could help him. He left the warehouse and started to look for a place to get something to eat. He kept walking around but he couldn't find a place where he could eat without being seen.

A Porygon comes floating by and Zac starts to talk to it. "Hello litte guy. Do you know anywhere I could eat." Someone must of seen him because he heard someone shout "A person can't speak poketongue. He must be a freak. Get him." Zac ran for his life but the other people were right behind him. He latched onto a building and changed out of his disguise. He climbed up the building trying to create an illusion that would make him blend in. He made it to the top and changed back to his disguise. "That was too close" said Zac relived. "Looks like I'm stuck up here for the night" thought Zac as he drifted off into sleeping.

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