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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

Hoping that someone will see this, but I doubt it. *shrugs*

PM is currently in its beginning stages, but we could really use some members.

Yes, I know this sounds very dull.
We offer several interactive features, however, such as...
-A rank system that gives users incentives for completing certain criteria.

-A spriting system in which you can apply / test to be a Spriter and an Elite Spriter--in respective order--which is judged upon your skills as a pixel artist as a whole. Being an Elite Spriter currently only gives a few concrete benefits so far, but just being able to say that, "Hey, my skills are way above average" is pretty nice too, no? New "concrete" benefits will be added as the forum develops more. But for it to develop? We need your help, of course.

-A team battling system based on WoW; a mix between WoW and Spriting. Thanks to :mojanbo: for having thought up the original concept for PMF and PMF2. It's really quite an interesting one. The winning system is via expert judges and NOT polling.

-Another battling system that just has no categorization. Here you can make a challenge (profile) thread--giving that you post the needed information in your thread--and users will be able to challenge you in said thread to have a "battle." How does battling work? Simply just challenge another user with their information posted up like above, then a third party will make a thread that has you and your opponent sprite something relating to your category of choice. Once the entries have been posted, they go up in a poll. After a few days--usually 5 or sooner--the poll will be closed and the winner will be announced.

-We also have a monthly contest feature, which is pretty self-explanatory if you ask me. However, I plan on waiting until we get more active members (keyword: ACTIVE) before I start the first competition / signups.

-And of course, you'll be able to showcase your pixel art in your own personalized thread that ONLY YOU can post in. If you want critiques for one or two of your creations or just a general feedback overview of your gallery, you can post for such in the feedback section.

-Not a pixel artist? Don't fret: although it's not as extravagant, this forum has areas of general chat and for you to post other art mediums as well.

-Friendly staff that will help you assuming you need it. Trust me. These guys, while I'm their admin, are not gonna bite your head off...that is unless you intentionally act stupid, but that's a completely different story.

-A "Wow! Gallery" that showcases some of the best pixel works we have on PM. It's not much now since we're in need of more members, but nominations have certainly been open, and always will.

-Of course, a forum for you to make your precious "request shops" if you feel you must do so. We also have a forum specifically for projects that are for pixel art.

-Finally, we have a (hopeful) roleplay that may come in the future. I'm planning on basing it off of the URPG, one of my old Pokemon RP forums and the official games, and the theme will be Pokemon "hybrids" and Fakemon. However, these won't just be your copy+paste bullcrappy, these will be custom-made by some of our better pixel artists at PM. I also plan on adding some interesting things here and there to it, but we'll just have to see.
Please. In no way will this RP ever be completed soon. Heck, I don't even know if it'll be finished by 6 months or a year from now. I suppose time will tell.

Hopefully this intrigues you to join. Thanks in advance, and even if you don't, thanks for considering.
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