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Default Re: (paperfairy) Challenger [Velocity] vs. Shocking! Gym Leader [Dino]

Round 4

Challenger Velocity

[Chell] Charizard (F)
HP: 99
Energy: 75
Ability: Blaze
Status: Substitute @ 1 HP

Leader Dino

[Zana] Venomoth (F)
HP: 100
Energy: 100
Ability: Tinted Lens
Status: +3 ATK, +3 SPATK, +4 SPD (3x Quiver Dance, Tailwind [in one round, -1 SPD])

While both Venomoth and Charizard appeared to be more than ready for more battling, their Trainer's both had different plans. Velocity threw her PokéBall at her dragon, and the red light engulfed her back into the ball. The ball, as if magnetized, flew back to Velocity, and all the green lit tiles suddenly went black. Charizard's etheral Substitute, which hadn't moved since its original creation, suddenly disappeared in a puff of smoke, as its owner left the field. Velocity threw another ball in its place, releasing a black, lion-like Pokémon onto the battlefield. The tile below it glowed green as it flexed and prepared for battle. Luxray roared loudly, the sound verbrating off the walls of the stadium. Venomoth appeared a little shaken, but certainly not out of the fight.

Venomoth, on the other hand, took a different approach to the switch. It began to slow down considerably, losing its vigor, as if it were purposely slowing itself down. As the vigor died down, Venomoth was surrounded by a bright orange aura. The Leader pulled out a PokéBall, recalling Venomoth, but an afterimage of orange energy remained in its place. Dino threw another Ball out, and a red, octopus-like Pokémon landed below where the Poison-type fluttered. The orange afterimage began to dissolve, as the energy fell onto Octillery. She then began to subtly mimic Venomoth's speedy and vigorous movement, as the transfer of energy had been completed.

Octillery, taking advantage of its new found power, drew its head back as it quickly raised its body temperature. As it reached dangerously high levels, the Water-type shot a stream of boiling water towards Luxray. The beam shot incredibly fast, and Luxray had no time to dodge, and was scaled by the torrent. The Electric-type howled in pain as it stumbled around, but quickly got back into the fight.

Luxray lept off its tile (which then stopped glowing) and pranced across the field, green tiles lighting up as it paved its way across the field. Luxray, as it closed in on its target, began to shake wildly, as its dirty fur and the water from Scald began to make quite the muddy mess - it was apparent that Luxray hadn't had a bath in quite some time. Using her hind legs, Luxray kicked some of the mud around, much to Octillery's dismay, spalshing directly into its eyes. Luxray pounced backwards, sliding across the now muddy floor to gain some distance.

Octillery, while annoyed, was not out for the fight, and began to rapidly glow colors - one a bright red, and quickly a soft tan, before returning to normal again.

Round Over

Challenger Velocity

[Justice] Luxray (F)
HP: 87
Energy: 98
Ability: Intimidate

Leader Dino

[Aquae] Octillery (F)
HP: 96
Energy: 93
Ability: Moody
Status: +1 ATK, +3 SPATK, +3 SPD, -1 ACC, +2 EVA (Baton Pass [3x Quiver Dance], Intimidate, Mud-Slap, Moody)

Arena Notes:
I realized I was doing these "wrong" the whole time... I haven't been rolling. However, Charizard didn't move much on the ground during the battle and only lit up two titles during the battle, so it doesn't really matter. I didn't realize however, that the tiles dim after the Pokémon leaves the tiles, so:

Charizard's original space, Luxray's original space (in front on Charizard) and around the Leader's Octillery
aTile where Octillery sits now, directly under where Venomoth began. This position also happens to be surrounded by green tiles.

Referee Notes:
Charizard's Switch:
Charizard was switched for Luxray! Charizard's Substitute broke!

Luxray's Intimidate:
Venomoth: -1 ATK

Venomoth's Baton Pass:
Venomoth: -2 ATK, -3 SPATK, -3 SPD, -6 Energy
Octillery: +3 ATK, +3 SPATK, +3 SPD

Octillery's Scald:
Octillery: -7 Energy
Luxray: -13 HP

Luxray's Mud-Slap:
Luxray: -2 Energy
Octillery: -4 HP, -1 ACC

Octillery's Moody:
Octillery: -1 ATK, +2 EVA

Tailwind's effect ended.

Team Notes:
Dino: Venomoth (77 | 69)
Velocity: Charizard (99 | 75)

~ Velocity, your action commands, please.
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