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Default Re: Rebirth: Legendary War (SU)

Player: Mermaidmelody351

Character Name: Kazumi

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Legendary: Cresselia


Personality: Kazumi is usually very shy. Because of that, she doesn't participate in conversations that much and concentrates on her own objectives. When no one is watching, she sings songs. She cares the most about her family and friends. She hates being alone.

Bio: Kazumi grew up in Goldenrod City, where she spent most of the time there with her parents. She liked to go to the Daycare Center, where she visits the Pokemon she had put in there.

When she was 10 years old, she traveled to Blackthorn City, where she trained her shiny Dratini in order to evolve into a Dragonair. While she was there, she looked up to Claire and she taught her on how to read a Dragon-Type's emotions and feelings.

One night, Kazumi was looking up at the Full Moon in her nightgown before she heard a voice. She quickly dressed into her usual outfit that seemed like school clothes and raced to the back of the Gym, where she saw a Cresselia floating above the water's surface. The Cresselia looked at her, and noticed that Kazumi seemed tired. She thought that Kazumi would care for Pokemon and decided to make her the successor. She quickly explained what happened with the Legendary Pokemon. The Cresselia said, "I was wondering if anyone could hear me. It was midnight, and yet you come all the way here. I think that you have enough determination to become my successor."

Kazumi thought this over and eventually agreed. She would have to contact her parents and her friends by moonlight. The Cresselia glowed and the glow hurt her back, but otherwise, it did nothing. When the light dimmed, she was in the Ruins of Alph. She saw a bunch of other Legendaries and some humans as well.

Suddenly, she saw soldiers running towards them. Before she could even react, Cresselia shielded Kazumi from the incoming attacks. She ran, not even looking behind her as she fled from the scene with the others.

Pokemon Team:
Selene, her Shiny Dragonair has the Shed Skin Ability and possesses a Everstone.

Other: None
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