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Amiel Sable
Deviant Tuner
Off of Highway 5, USA
ARPer's: Erai

I knew I was going to run out of gas soon, and there was some run down station not too far from here. At least, I assumed. Not many people traveled on the roads, no one except WAE most of the time, however I should have been fine if no one saw me leaving Seattle. I looked to my right and sure enough, there was an old gas station, boarded up for the most part. I doubted there was much of anything inside, Deviants most likely looted the place. I pulled up to one of the pumps, started filling up my prized bike. Besides the odor of gas, something else came to my attention. Something that smelled far better than the gasoline. I wasn’t sure what it was at first, being as cautious as I was. I slowly took the nozzle out of the gas tank and quietly put it back on the pump. Helmet still on, I slowly walked around the building. The smell was getting stronger and more familiar.

I wondered if it was a Deviant trap or a Deviant being foolish.

I had my answer soon enough when I finally came around to the back of the building. There, sitting next to a fire, was a guy. Checkered pants, an apron, grey. Typical WAE stricken colours…only that one afflicted by WAE wouldn’t be here alone behind an abandoned gas station with…was he making bread?

That’s what it was, it smelt like bread. No WAE insane person would start making bread behind an old gas station. Actually…what normal person would? I had a thought…maybe this person was a Deviant…they sure weren’t WAE so I was safe for the moment.

“Excuse me.”

I still had my helmet on. I wasn’t too keen on taking it off until I knew for sure this person could see colour. The only colour I had on was my near black, midnight blue bandana around my neck. I didn’t have my music on, I knew Veza would be fine without it until I figured out who this person was, and what they were doing.

Veza Ryngsen
Umecit, Nexen
ARPer's: Anyone involved in the Antitivity battle

Pre-emptive strike detected in area Antivitity Sona suspected in. Taking two humanoid Sona’s under wings, deploying in contracted sphere to designated fight area. ETA one minute, twenty seven seconds, first contact, ETA forty five seconds. Deploy humanoid Sona’s into right center field out of direct hostile area. Take out all Antitivity Sona following objective. Currently, objective not completed.

Contact made with hostiles. Smaller Antitivity collided with self. Target area ETA, fourteen seconds. Target area reached, humanoid Sona’s deployed. Objective, remove all hostile threats of Antitivity Sona’s. Commencing objective.

Veza, having run into the fray with Shiri, Kari, and Silverstreak now out from under her wings, she proceeded to roll out into the mass of Antitivity. Some humanoids were part of the group, some quadrapers, and a very big elephant looking east. All in heavy armor, a bit similar to Veza’s own. Staring at the small mass, the armor almost blended together like a zebra pattern. Veza unrolled herself, standing far from a few of the more human looking soldiers, twisting her arms and clenching her claws together, focusing on the ground. As a few of the Antitivity came at her, explosions erupted from the ground underneath. Those who were underneath the epicenter of them flew high into the air, burning thanks to the cinders. Others flew off to the sides. One of the larger, hexaped Antitivity, that looked as if it were based off of Sliepnir.

“Identification…mutated equine… leg joints weaker armor for mobility…”

Veza grabbed the mutated horses’ legs and gripped them hard, almost to a point of nearly snapping them in half. With a heavy heave, she tossed the Antitivity into another set of smaller foes, staring them down as they struggled to get out from under the kicking WAE soldier.
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