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(OOC: You didn't count my MCR ;-;)


Toshiro immediately did as she asked, charging off into the water without a fear. He planted his feet and leaped through the air in an arc, and just when she thought he would plunge into the lake, the water froze beneath his feet and caught him on a platform floating on the surface. They continued to pop up as he ran, and Elena was proud. He didn't hesitate to follow her commands, and for being new, that was incredible.

That probably had something to do with how serious she was taking the battle. The Jolteon took most things rather serious, and as long as she stayed focused, he usually did too. She would have to keep that in mind the entire time he was in play. She couldn't afford to get distracted if that was going to upset him. He might make errors then and get hurt. She wanted to avoid that if she could.

The slow pink Pokémon seemed to watch her Jolteon get closer, but he didn't do anything about it. Elena didn't know how fast a Slowbro's brain even processed things. Maybe he just hadn't realized he was going to get attacked yet. She did see the look on his face turn to one of even more puzzlement though, like he suddenly forgot what he was doing. Then she grimaced a little as she realized he had probably used Amnesia.

It was an interesting move, allowing a Pokémon to temporarily forget certain things. The most important one was their reaction to pain. It made them a little more oblivious to it, making it much harder to actually inflict damage and wear them down, especially on the special side. They'd have to be careful working around that. Since Toshiro was mainly a special attacker, they were probably going to have to get creative.

Sometimes she wished she could just forget things like that, although no record of a human being able to learn that Pokémon move had ever been recorded. She had seen some high-profile stuff too, running from science experiments gone wrong to intense studies and theories that were under lock down half the time so nobody else stole them. It was all part of her life in the Silver League she wished she could let go of.

Even though the main part of that life cycle was far behind her, it still made her a bit nervous to be int the Park. She knew people that had walked into places like this and just stolen whatever they wanted. She wasn't like that anymore, but she still felt like someone was going to jump up behind her and blow the whistle. Living alone wasn't easy when you were young, and even though she had to do what she had to do to get funds enough to function, she still felt awful about some of her past actions.

It was a good thing she had decided to correct those wrongs. If she hadn't turned her back on them that time in Goldenrod, she'd probably still be trapped in their clutches doing their dirty work. She still owed them money for the loan she had to take out, but she was going to find her own way to pay it back, one that didn't involve stealing or swindling people.

Thats why being in the Park, despite the nervous feelings, made her feel good too. She was doing things the right way. She hadn't been completely warped by them, and she would prove it. The first person she had to prove it to was herself though, which is why she worked so hard to counter both the Leagues when she could. She didn't have much experience with the Gold League, but Glenne and Damian did. If they all pooled their resources, they would be strong enough to beat all of them.

The first step to that was raising powerful Pokémon to help them. It was hard to protect anything if you didn't have the resources to do it. Pokémon were a Trainer's first and last defense, their partners, and their life. The road was never easy, but then again, nothing ever worth doing is too easy.

She came back into the battle as Toshiro planted his feet and whirled on the Slowbro, sending his legs kicking into the Psychic-type. Elena cheered a bit as he more or less moved the way she wanted him too; rolling closer to the shoreline. Slowbro did a face plant into the water, which made her laugh a little, though her eyes didn't leave the battle.

Her Jolteon headed back for shore after that, taking the chance to get away while the Psychic was occupied with righting himself. It wasn't enough time though, as the Water Pokémon recovered fast enough to send something Toshiro's way.

He was leaping to his next ice platform when he suddenly yelped. The ice below him suddenly vanished, sending the yellow fox into the water. It must've been a Disable, judging from the lack of physical attack. That meant no more going out onto the water, since her Jolteon wouldn't be able to manipulate the ice for a while. As an attack it wouldn't have been too useful anyway.

Toshiro flailed, splashing everything around him as he tried to stay afloat. Elena didn't know how much previous swimming experience he had before coming to stay with her, but it didn't look like it was that much.

“Toshiro, focus!” she called, a little sharply, so she could get his attention over the water. She wasn't cruel to her Pokémon, but in the weeks that they had been allowed to train before coming here, she found that due to his nature, he responded a bit better to the strict tones when he was under a lot of stress. It demonstrated their seriousness. “Relax your body and float! Then you can dog-paddle back to shore. Don't worry about the Slowbro; just get back up here.”

At first, she wasn't sure he was going to listen, strict-sounding or not. Her words got through to him eventually though, and she watched as he started calming. The flailing stopped, and when he wasn't thrashing about, he found that his lighter body easily floated on the surface of the water. He was sunk up to his head, but he wasn't going any deeper than that. Slowly, he started to paddle, and once he got the hang of it, he sped up to get to shore.

The Jolteon stepped out of the water with a sort of quiet pride, shaking himself off as water sprayed everywhere. His spiky fur stuck up at even stranger angles. He sent the pink Pokémon an icy glare as he circled the beach twice to make sure he was staying put, and then he came up to her, awaiting the next command.

Elena nodded to him as he looked up at her. “Great work,” she said with a small smile, getting rid of that stricter tone she had used before. “Just like you were born to do it. Now that Slowbro's closer, we'll be able to do more. I'd really like him up on shore completely though,” she said, trailing off as she looked at the water. A weaker electric attack wouldn't probably be okay from this shallow depth, but she wasn't completely sure.

Furthermore, now Toshiro was wet. He had the ability to absorb electric attacks, but being wet made him a better conductor. It might mess with his ability, and then his own attacks would hurt him. Some things had a tendency to do that, like how steel attacks near the ground sometimes made Pokémon immune to electric attacks. She couldn't let that happen.

“Okay, Toshiro, you need to get dry. Run around using your Agility and try to get most of the water out. Then, try to circle around Slowbro.” Elena saw his hesitance as he looked back out into the water. “None of that. It'll be okay. The water isn't very deep over there, and being fast will make you skake over it easier. Use your Thunder Fang from behind if you can. Maybe the shock will scoot him up on shore further. Then get back up here, away from the water. You know how to get out if you get knocked back in, so if that happens, don't panic, alright?”

The Jolteon nodded to her and set off at blinding speed. She hoped it would work. There was a chance that being wet wouldn't do anything to him, but she thought using a physical attack was smarter for the time being. At least most of the electricity would be centered in his mouth instead of his whole body. It would also play to Slowbro's current weaker side.

Elena's hands clenched and unclenched as she watched.


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