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Default Re: (paperfairy) Challenger [Velocity] vs. Shocking! Gym Leader [Dino]

Round 2

Challenger Velocity

[Chell] Charizard (F)
HP: 99
Energy: 93
Ability: Blaze
Status: Substitute @ 1 HP

Leader Dino

[Zana] Venomoth (F)
HP: 91
Energy: 90
Ability: Tinted Lens
Status: +1 ATK, +1 SPATK, +2 SPD (Quiver Dance, Tailwind [in three rounds, -1 SPD])

Charizard wasted no time in continuing the bout between herself and Venomoth. She flapped her wings again, this time, lifting off into the air. As she hovered above the ground, poising to strike, Venomoth began to flutter quickly, anticipating an incoming strike. Without warning, Charizard flew faster and began to dash around the arena, picking up speed as it moved. Venomoth glanced around furiously, trying to keep its two eyes on the Fire-type. As Charizard continued to pick up speed, white streaks of energy began to surround it, signifying that it was picking up both speed and power. Soon as the streaks appeared, they disappeared, as Charizard herself became an orange blur. The blur began to hurtle towards Venomoth, but the speedy bug quickly flew upwards, as her opponent flew under her. She was relieved for a moment, but suddenly shocked; the Fire-type pulled a sharp loop in the air, and was now flying backwards and upside down. The white streaks appeared once again, signifying that the power increased yet again. Venomoth, was too stunned to act, and was slammed by the Flying-type assault. She flew and staggered backwards, completely taken aback by the clever strike. Charizard slowed down and looked rather proud, ready to continue dishing out damage.

Round Over

Challenger Velocity

[Chell] Charizard (F)
HP: 99
Energy: 85
Ability: Blaze
Status: Substitute @ 1 HP

Leader Dino

[Zana] Venomoth (F)
HP: 77
Energy: 87
Ability: Tinted Lens
Status: +1 ATK, +1 SPATK, +2 SPD (Quiver Dance, Tailwind [in three rounds, -1 SPD])

Arena Notes:
The tile Charizard was on is glowing green. Both battlers are in the air.

Referee Notes:
Charizard's Aerial Ace:
Charizard: -4 Energy
Venomoth: Missed!

Venomoth's Dodge:
Venomoth: -3 Energy

Charizard's Aerial Ace:
Charizard: -4 Energy
Venomoth: -14 HP

Venomoth's Dodge:
Venomoth: Failed!

[17:40] paperfairy: Could you... dodge an Aerial Ace?
[17:40] paperfairy: It's supposed to hit regardless of ACC but if you saw it coming....
[17:41] LordKhajmer: Hm...
[17:41] LordKhajmer: Aerial Ace is kind of bizarre in the first place
[17:41] LordKhajmer: The only was a move that hits regardless of acc could work
[17:42] LordKhajmer: Is if it has built in homing
[17:42] LordKhajmer: Because otherwise something like sand attack makes any kind of speed benefit worthless
[17:42] paperfairy: i are confused
[17:42] LordKhajmer: Okay, the only two ways that "hits regardless of acc" could work
[17:42] LordKhajmer: Would be if it were either too fast to dodge
[17:42] paperfairy: oh
[17:42] LordKhajmer: Or homed in on the target
[17:43] LordKhajmer: But the first one is moot
[17:43] LordKhajmer: Because things like sand attack or fog render that pointless
[17:43] paperfairy: right
[17:43] LordKhajmer: In other words, it accounts for evasion, but not accuracy
[17:43] LordKhajmer: Homing accounts for both
[17:43] paperfairy: judging from bulbapedia
[17:44] paperfairy: it's a combination
[17:44] paperfairy: of both
[17:44] paperfairy: "The user confounds the foe with speed, then slashes. The attack lands without fail."
[17:44] paperfairy: so its really fast, but all the anime used involve disappearing and reappearing near the foe
[17:44] paperfairy: implying homing
[17:45] paperfairy: hmm, this is tough
[17:45] paperfairy: I'd say
[17:46] paperfairy: "okay, can't be dodged"
[17:46] paperfairy: but Venomoth is literally 1.8x faster than Charizard
[17:46] paperfairy: I'll just say that one of them was dodged, but not the second one

If Venomoth had Compoundeyes, I would have had both work... just a heads up.

This battle has made me think harder than any other battle before.

~ Velocity, your action commands, please.
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