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Default Battle Stadium Banner Contest (We Need Your help! )

Calling all banner makers and artists ! PE2K's brand new Battle Stadium is in dire need of your help ! the stadium has a couple of threads without amazing banners to welcome people. without your help I'll be forced to copy and paste pictures like the one above......No body wants that.

What were looking for:
Banner 1: Is the main banner for the stadium general rules and intro thread, i was looking to use an image like the one above something that grabs attention.
Banner 2: The Shadow League should have a dark banner to fit the theme of the gyms shadow leader style
Banner 3: The Empire Gymnasium is a place for wifi battlers to get there chance to test there skill in against duel type gyms

General Rules:
You're allowed to enter only one banner for each categorie.
Your banner must be within 500 x 500 pixels.
If the banner is not yours, then do not enter it.

Now lets get this started!

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