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Default Re: ASB Announcements

To celebrate the coming of Halloween, the Dream Hotel is having a special event for the week leading up to Halloween itself. The facility has opened up a special pair of Halls for cstomers to have their Pokemon sleep in.

The Hall of Tricks where Pokemon dream of pranks and all sorts of mischief pf all kinds, bringing trouble and mayhem to their victims and scaring the lights out of those that cross their path.

The Treat Hall where the Pokemon at rest here dream of pleasant things. Of course one of these pleasentries is candy and confections, walking around with friends and having fun all together.

From today up until the end of October 31st, Pacific [-800] time, anyone can drop in to have a chance at one of these Pokemon! All Pokemon are decided randomly, including which of the types from each hall to ensure maximum surprises. If customers weren't happy with said surprise, all Pokemon can be refunded for a Customer Credit of 30 points! This is a one time per customer event, so drop in to the Dream Hotel before time runs out!

For those who aren't feeling up for the event, or for those who have already had their go at it, the regular facilities of the Hotel will still remain open to everyone!
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