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Welcome to my shop!


My Rules

1. Follow all forum rules
2. No hacks at all, clones (not Pokecheck premier ribbons!) and RNGs are fine though. If you trade me one on accident, I expect an immediate trade-back or a replacement. And vice-versa (Present evidence in a civil manner).
3. I can clone-back to expedite a trade.
4. Please follow ratios when making trades.
5. Don't whine if I say no, I can't afford the cheese.
6. First come, first serve!:That means if I agree with you on a trade, I will not cop out and go with another trade (no matter how bad I want to). I expect the same from you. Otherwise its a strike.
7. Use modern english, kay? I'm very literal, and I hate confusion.
8. My definition of a near-flawless is at least 31 in 3 ivs. UT events means no exp, no extra ribbons, no pokerus, no evs, and not nicknamed. If it is in anyway, tell me.
9. Unless its a super rare event, don't give me non-redis pokemon unless its only for trade for specific pokemon. Like a nok for only other noks, etc.
10. All of my pokes are on 5th gen
12. Redis rights added after a trade will not be honored.
13. Do not VM or PM to make trades. My shop is here for a reason. After a deal is struck, then its okay. Also don't VM or PM me with messages like "I made an offer" or "Responded back" I have my thread subscribed so I'll know.
14. When I'm at college I cannot trade due to wifi problems, so I won't be able to until friday+weekends. You'll know if I'm in college by this: Yes
15. After a trade is done, I always hack check the pokemon so its preferable if you stick around for a bit incase. If something comes up it would be best to fix it immediately to avoid problems.

My Ratios

My event for your event
Koreans for other Koreans, rare events or really good offers (2-3)
Foreign DW events only for other Foreign DW Events (excluding American and Japanese)

My Wants
Shinsegae Manaphy
Korean Cinema Celebi (natures I don't have)
Korean Liberty Island Victini
Korean in-game events
Netherlands Reshiram
Italian eeveelutions I don't have
Movie Keldeo
Shiny Kyushu Train Events (Stations I don't have)
Wish events I don't have
Pokemon Box events
PCNY events I don't have
Other events I don't have
Different languages of events I have

Don't Want
Touched events
DW Females
Regular flawless shinies/shinies/egg moves/pokemon
Hacks (obviously)

All are NFT, unless specified
Korean DW Rayquaza-Mild
Korean Pokemon Ranger Manaphy-Lax
Korean Cilan's Pansage-Brave
Korean Ash's Pidove-Hardy
Korean Iris's Axew-Naive

My Offers

All are UT unless specified

Cinema Celebi-Modest
Shiny Sinjoh Ruins Palkia @ Lustrous Orb-Modst, Near-flawless
Shiny Sinjoh Ruins Dialga @ Adamant Orb-Modest, Flawless
Shiny Sinjoh Ruins Giratina @ Griseous Orb-Timid
Strongest Return Mewtwo-Modest
Movie11 Victini @ Fire Gem-Relaxed
Movie11 Zekrom @ Dragon Gem-Quirky
Movie11 Reshiram @ Dragon Gem-Sassy
Time Square Shaymin-Adamant
Home Plus Darkrai-Modest
Darkrai @ Enigma Berry-Modest
Deoxys @ NeverMeltIce-Lax
NOK Manaphy-Adamant
Regigigas @ Custap Berry-Naughty
Character Fair Shaymin @ Micle Berry-Mild
Character Fair Pikachu @ Light Ball-Brave
Shin Se Gae Munchlax @ Leftovers-Relaxed
Shin Se Gae Feebas-Calm
Battle Series Arcanine @ Charcoal-Quirky
Station Zoroark-Quirky
Mikena Shiny Pichu @ Everstone-Jolly
Han-Jiu Scraggy @ Muscle Band-Adamant
Summer Festival Milotic @ Flame Orb-Timid (NFT unless for other NOKs)
Cinema Arceus @ Rowap Berry-Adamant
Mew-Timid (31 in sp. atk and speed)
Crown City Raikou @ Micle Berry-Rash (09180 + 12160)
Crown City Entei @ Custap Berry-Adamant (10300 + 12160)
Crown City Suicune @ Rowap Berry-Relaxed (12160)
CoroCoro Giveaway Croagunk @ Fist Plate-Jolly [Non-redis]
Jirachi-Timid (31 in Sp. Def)
Dalgeon's Scizor-Adamant
Han Jiu's Pikachu-Naughty
Pikachu Cafe Electivire @ Magnet-Serious
Pikachu Cafe Magmortar @ Charcoal-Hardy
Pikachu Cafe Tangrowth @ Petaya Berry-Brave
Carlita's Hydreigon-Adamant
Janta's Golurk-Adamant
Pokemon Ranger Manaphy-Lax *NFT by request of NoToRiousBrawL*
Cilan's Pansage-Brave *NFT by request of NoToRiousBrawL*
Iris's Axew-Naive *NFT by request of NoToRiousBrawL*
Carlita's Hydreigon-Serious *for good offers only *
Janta's Golurk-Gentle *for good offers only*

Dream World
Winter Release Mamoswine @ Focus Sash-Jolly *Caught by me*
IGN Giveaway Croagunk @ Muscle Band-Adamant (29 in Atk.) *Caught by me*
Halloween DW Banette-Docile (31 in Sp. Def) (Got it myself)
Vote to Befriend a Pokemon DW Arceus-Impish *Caught by me

Kor. DW Porygon-Naughty
New Year Naver DW Blissey-Adamant
Korean Halloween DW Banette-Relaxed
Kor. Pokemon Pia Charmander-Relaxed
Kor. Pokemon Pia Bulbasaur-Lax
Kor. Pokemon Pia Squirtle-Rash
Kor. Pokemon Pia Chimchar-Modest
Kor. Pokemon Pia Piplup-Adamant
Kor. Pokemon Pia Turtwig-Gentle
DW Rayquaza-Mild
DW Rayquaza-Gentle (NFT per owner's request)
DW Rayquaza-Modest
Kor. Birthday Togekiss-Brave
Kor. DW Mamoswine-Adamant
Kor. DW Croagunk @ Fist Plate-Jolly

Famitsu Halloween Banette-Mild
Famitsu Lucario-Hardy
Pokémon National Pokédex Guide Altaria-Bashful
Pokemon Centre Gift Christmas Blissey-Naive
Pokecafe DW Poliwhirl-Hardy
Pokecafe DW Burmy-Lax
Pokecafe DW Smeargle-Serious
Pokecafe DW Eevee-Serious
DW Mamoswine-Brave
Birthday Togekiss-Gentle
DW Arceus- Adamant, Flawless (OT Mat but legit)
Pokemon Pia Bulbasaur-Bold
Pokemon Pia Charmander-Adamant
Pokemon Pia Squirtle-Bold
Pokemon B&W Guide Treecko-Adamant
Pokemon B&W Guide Torchic-Adamant, Near Flawless (29 in speed)
Pokemon B&W Guide Porygon-Brave
CoroCoro Giveaway Croagunk-Timid

French DW Croagunk-Naughty
French DW Arceus-Rash (Premier Ball, NN'd)
Eurogamer DW Lucario (French)-Jolly
French Togekiss-Careful
French DW Mamoswine-Relaxed
French Halloween DW Branette-Lax

Eurogamer DW Lucario (German)-Hardy
German DW Togekiss-Modest
German DW Arceus-Mild
German DW Banette-Jolly
German DW Mamoswine-Docile
German DW Croagunk-Bashful

Italian DW Arceus-Rash
Italian DW Togekiss-Quirky
Eurogamer DW Lucario (Italian)-Hasty
Italian DW Mamoswine-Relaxed
Italian DW Banette-Bold
Italian DW Croagunk-Serious

Spanish DW Arceus-Docile
Spanish DW Mamoswine-Adamant
Eurogamer DW Lucario-Jolly (Spanish)
Spanish DW Banette-Brave

Befriend a Eeveelution!





Umbreon-Jolly (In Luxury Ball)



German Film14 Victini-Serious
Spanish Peli14 Victini-Adamant
PRI2012 Mewtwo @ King's Rock-Timid, Flawless
Shiny Tohoku Strongest Pikachu-Timid*
French Shiny VGC12 Larvitar @ Chople Berry-Adamant, Flawless
Shiny VGC12 Larvitar @ Chople Berry-Adamant, Flawless
Netherlands SPR2012 Zekrom @ Dragon Gem-Adamant(LTTA)
PRI2012 Zekrom @ Dragon Gem-Timid
PRI2012 Rshiram @ Dragon Gem-Naughty
FRU2012 Zekrom @ Dragon Gem-Bold
FRU2012 Reshiram @ Dragon Gem-Quiet
SPR2012 Zekrom @ Dragon Gem-Modest (My own)
SPR2012 Reshiram @ Dragon Gem-Rash (My own)
Nobunaga's Rayquaza-Docile
Kyushu Train Blaziken (さが)-Jolly(Shiny)*
Kyushu Train Sceptile (さが)-Timid(Shiny)*
Kyushu Train Swampert (さが)-Brave(Shiny)*
Kyushu Train Blaziken (くまもと)-Adamant(Shiny)*
Kyushu Train Sceptile (くまもと)-Timid(Shiny)*
Kyushu Train Swampert (くまもと)-Relaxed(Shiny)*
Kyushu Train Blaziken (こくら)-Gentle, Naughty(Shiny)*
Kyushu Train Sceptile (こくら)-Sassy, Jolly(Shiny)*
Kyushu Train Swampert (こくら)-Adamant(Shiny)*
Shiny Bullet Train Pikachu-Hasty*
Year of the Dragon Bagon-Hasty
Year of the Dragon Druddigon-Naive
Year of the Dragon Trapinch-Docile
Year of the Dragon Swablu-Jolly
Year of the Dragon Horsea-Bold
Year of the Dragon Deino-Mild

Birtday Audino (PC Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka, Yokohama, Tokyo, Sapporo) @ Rare Candy-Serious*
HVR2011 Raikou-Rash, unused
INV2011 Raikou-Rash, unused
INV2011 Suicune-Relaxed, unused
Milos Island Tornadus @ Revival Herb-Jolly
Milos Island Thundurus @ Revival Herb-Bold
PC "Thank You" Shaymin-Relaxed
PC Tohoku Snivy @ Muscle Band-Hardy
Movie14 Victini-Adamant, Flawless
2011WIN Darkrai @ Enigma Berry-Timid
2011INV Darkrai @ Enigma Berry-Bashful
2011HVR Darkrai @ Enigma Berry-Hasty
Pokesmash Mewtwo @ King's Rock-Careful
Satoshi's Zekrom-Rash
Satoshi's Reshiram-Docile
Movie Victini-Adamant, Flawless
Liberty Island Victini-Bold
Wifi Janta's Golurk-Impish
Mcdonald Giveaway Carita's Hydreigon-Impish
Ash's Pikachu @ Light Ball-Naughty, Near-Flawless (30 in Atk and def)
Unhatched Cilan's Pansage
Unhatched Ash's Pidove
Unhatched Iris's Axew
Sing Pikachu-Serious(わっしょい) @ Light Ball
Sing Pikachu-Careful(SKE48) @ Light Ball
Sing Pikachu-Hasty(AAA) @ Light Ball
Sing Pikachu-Adamant(ELT) @ Light Ball
Sing Pikachu-Bashful(アミーゴ) @ Light Ball
Pokemon Smash! Zoroark-Quirky
Satoshi's Scraggy @ Muscle Band-Adamant (31 in Sp. Atk)
SMR2011 Zoroark-Quirky
SMR2011 Karrablast @ Bug Gem-Docile
SMR2011 Shelmet @ Bug Gem-Sassy
EST2011 Karrablast @ Bug Gem-Rash
EST2011 Shelmet @ Bug Gem-Quiet
World11 Scrafty @ Leftovers-Brave
TRU Zoroark-Quirky (Got it myself)
ETE2011 Zoroark-Quirky
EST2011 Shelmet-Quiet
EST2011 Karrablast-Rash
WIN2011 Celebi-Modest, unused
INV2011 Celebi-Modest
Canadian GAMESTP Celebi-Modest, Flawless, used

Satoshi's Pidove-Hardy
Iris's Kibago-Naive
Dento's Pansage-Brave
German Nzone Pikachu @ Light Ball-Bashful
Satoshi's Pikachu @ Light Ball-Naughty
Winner's Path Beldum @ Shuca Berry-Adamant
Winner's Path Horsea @ Dragon Scale-Relaxed
Winner's Path Bronzor @ Occa Berry-Serious
Winner's Path Duskull @ Reaper Cloth-Bashful
Winner's Path Magikarp @ Yacan Berry-Rash
Winner's Path Munchlax @ Leftovers-Bashful
Pokemon Center Birthday Chimchar @ Lucky Egg-Hardy
Birthday Audino(PC Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Osaka) @ Rare Candy-Calm
Oblivia Shaymin-Modest,Flawless
Oblivia Deoxys (Attack)-Jolly, Flawless
Oblivia Deoxys (Attack)-Bold (Stealth Rock instead of Hyper Beam; can be fixed)
Oblivia Heatran-Quiet
MICHINA Arceus @ Rowap Berry-Calm
World10 Crobat @ Life Orb-Timid
VGC10 Eevee-Hardy @ Focus Sash
WCS Eevee-Hardy @ Focus Sash
GAMESTP Jirachi @ Liechi Berry-Adamant, Near-Flawless (30 in sp. def)
SMR2010 Jirachi @ Liechi Berry-Timid
ANA Darkrai (OT:ふめやすみ) @ Enigma Berry-Impish
ANA Darkrai (OT: ANA) @ Enigma Berry-Docile
Goon's Scizor @ Starf Berry-Adamant
Fal2010 Mew-Jolly
HRB2010 Mew-Gentle
Pokemon Smash! Cubchoo @ Max Potion-Careful
Shiny Sinjoh Ruins Palkia @ Lustruous Orb-Lax
Shiny Sinjoh Ruins Giratina @ Griseous Orb-Timid,Flawless
Shiny Sinjoh Ruins Dialga @ Adamant Orb-Modest
Crown City Entei @ Custap Berry-Adamant, Flawless
Crown City Suicune @ Rowap Berry-Relaxed, Flawless
Crown City Raikou @ Micle Berry-Rash, Flawless
Movie 10 Celebi-Bold,Used for event
Susumu Mew-Hardy
PRI2010 Pichu-Jolly
FRU2010 Pichu-Jolly
7-11 Giveaway Pikachu @ Light Ball-Docile
NZ Manaphy @ Lansat Berry-Impish PKRS

Trade for Evolution

Kyoto University きょうえん

Teikyo University せいしゃ

Pokemon Center Birthday Charmander @Lucky Egg-Naughty
Pokemon Center Meowth @ Amulet Coin-Jolly
NZ Jirachi @ Liechi Berry-Bold, Near-flawless (30 in Sp. Atk and Sp. Def)
Pokemon Center Birthday Chimchar @ Lucky Egg-Mild
VGC09 Milotic-Timid, Flawless
Michina (Australian) Arceus @ Rowap Berry-Careful
TRU Arceus @ Rowap Berry-Hardy
Movie 09 Arceus @ Rowap Berry-Naive
TRU Regigigas-Quirky
TRU Shaymin @ Micle Berry-Rash
Peli11 Shaymin @ Micle Berry-Timid
Movie11 Shaymin @ Micle Berry-Relaxed
World09 Weavile @ Focus Sash-Jolly
EUSMR09 Regigigas @ Custap Berry-Mild
ESTEU09 Regigigas @ Custap Berry-Bashful
EUETE09 Regigigas-Brave
Shiny Flawless Flower Paradise Shaymin-Timid (Not cheap)
Shiny Flawless Newmoon Island Darkrai-Timid
Sleeping Pikachu @ Chesto Berry-Relaxed
Platinum Regice-Bold
Platinum Regirock-Rash
Platinum Registeel-Mild

TRU Dragonite @ Yache Berry-Mild
PC Yokohama Pikachu @ Shell Bell-Modest (10108)
Pokemon Center Birthday Charmander @ Lucky Egg-Naive
Almia Darkrai-Calm
Kiko's Riolu-Serious
Carlo's Riolu-Serious
Kyle's Riolu-Serious
World08 Lucario @ Leftovers-Adamant
Alamos Darkrai @ Enigma Berry-Timid
Movie 08 Regigigas @ Custap Berry-Modest
Hayley's Mew-Lax
Hayley's Phione-Lonely
Giulia's Phione-Jolly
WCS Milotic-Timid
Movie 08 Shaymin @ Micle Berry-Calm
Saikyou Salamance @ Dragon Fang-Naughty
Saikyou Dragonite @ Yache Berry-Mild
Daisuki Club Octillery @ Focus Band-Serious
Daisuki Club Bidoof-Lonely
Daisuki Club Starly-Mild

Daisuke Club Magikarp (02226)-Rash
Pokemon Center Birthday Charmander @Lucky Egg-Mild
Ken Psyduck* (Legitimacy questionable)
Jun Psyduck* (Legitimacy questionable)
Shige Shige Psyduck* (Legitimacy questionable)
Tim Heracross* (Legitimacy questionable)
Seth Heracross* (Legitimacy questionable)
Christy Heracross* (Legitimacy questionable)
TCGWC Pikachu-Hardy
TRU Manaphy-Mild
NWS Manaphy @ Red Scarf-Modest, Near-flawless (30 in Sp. Atk)
PKTOPIA Pikachu-Hardy(without surf)
PKTOPIA Magmortar @ Charcoal-Modest/Strong Willed
PKTOPIA Magmortar-Modest/Good Perseverance (NFT per owner's request)
PKTOPIA Electivire-Adamant/Mischievous (NFT per owner's request)
PKTOPIA Electivire @ Magnet-Adamant/Somewhat Stubborn
Saikyou Electivire @ Magnet-Serious
Saikyou Magmortar @ Charcoal-Modest
Saikyou Milotic @ Flame Orb-Bold
PALCITY Lucario-Modest
10th Deoxys-Lax
E4ALL Manaphy-Calm
JBHF Manaphy-Mild
Aura Mew-Modest
PALCITY Mew (Amnesia)-Quirky
PALCITY Manaphy-Hardy
Pokemon Sunday Whiscash @ Rindo Berry-Gentle
Pokemon Sunday Octillery @ Focus Band-Serious
Pokemon Sunday Tropius-Jolly

Jungle Tour Celebi-Modest
Pokefesta 06 Magmar-Quiet
Pokefesta 06 Electabuzz-Naughty
World Hobby Fair Manaphy @ King's Rock-Adamant
Pokepark Jirachi-Jolly
Shiny Pokepark Mew-Quirky
Pokepark Celebi-Modest
DOEL Deoxys-Quiet
Concert Chatot-Jolly @ Soothe Bell
MYSTRY Mew-Quirky *cured of pokerus*
SPACE C Deoxys-Modest

10th Anniversary

America: 00010
10 ANIV Tyranitar-Quirky
10 ANIV Absol-Adamant
10 ANIV Espeon-Brave
10 ANIV Umbreon-Quirky
10 ANIV Charizard-Timid
10 ANIV Alakazam-Brave
10 ANIV Dragonite-Lonely
10 ANIV Zapdos-Naughty
10 ANIV Articuno-Timid
10 ANIV Typhlosion-Hasty
10 ANIV Bulbsaur-Serious
10 ANIV Blastoise-Lonely
10 ANIV Suicune-Lax PKRS
10 ANIV Raikou-Hardy
10 ANIV Entei-Naughty
10 ANIV Pikachu-Naive

10JAHRE Ho-oh-Calm
10 ANIV Latios @ Soul Dew-Gentle
10 ANIV Latias @ Soul Dew-Jolly
10ANIV (Spain) Ho-oh - Mild
10ANNIV Lugia-Sassy
10ANNIV Ho-oh-Bold

Pokepark Corphish-Quiet
Pokepark Pichu-Sassy
Pokepark Surskit-Mild
Pokepark Psyduck-Brave
Pokepark Taillow-Hasty
Shiny Pokemon XD Lugia (NN'd XD001)-Naughty*
Shiny Pokemon XD Togetic-Jolly (Touched)
Sunday Wobbufett-Docile
Festa Metang-Relaxed

Shiny Navel Rock Ho-oh-Quirky*
*** Shiny Navel Rock Lugia-Jolly*
Pokemon Box Pichu-Careful
Pokemon Box Swablu-Gentle
Berry Fix Sapphire Zigazoon @ Liechi Berry-Adamant
Berry Fix Ruby Zigazoon @ Liechi Berry-Hardy
Wish Farfetch'd-Quirky*
Wish Exeggcute-Mild*
MONTE L Ho-oh-Bold
DUELLBE Ho-oh-Careful
ERNESTO Ho-oh-Impish
MT BATA Ho-oh-Modest
Jeremy Oddish-Quirky
Jeremy Tauros-Docile
Jeremy Sandshrew-Docile
Jeremy Gengar-Docile
Jeremy Vulpix-Quirky
Jeremy Ekans-Docile
Jeremy Tauros-Docile
Jeremy Staryu-Timid
Jeremy Psyduck-Lax
Jeremy Growlithe-Quiet
Jeremy Shellder-Brave
Jeremy Slowpoke-Naive
Jeremy Machamp-Quiet
Pokemon Box Skitty-Relaxed
Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi-Timid
Shiny CHANNEL Jirachi-Sassy
Shiny Pokemon Colosseum Raikou-Timid *rare*
Shiny Pokemon Colosseum Entei-Lonely *rare*
Shiny Pokemon Colosseum Suicune-Bold *rare*
Shiny Pokemon Colosseum Bayleef-Timid *rare*
Distant Land Moltres-Mild
Distant Land Articuno-Calm
Distant Land Zapdos-Naive
Distant Land Magmar-Lax
German Shiny Deoxys (Defense)-Bashful *for good offers only*

E-Card Scizor-Hasty
E-Card Mareep-Mild
E-Card Togepi-Sassy
STAMP Absol-Lonely
STAMP Pichu-Bashful
Ageto Celebi-Timid
Shiny Ageto Celebi-Hardy
Ageto Pikachu-Rash
PCNYd Seadra-Bashful
PCNYc Exploud-Naughty
PCNYb Shedinja-Docile
PCNYd Zangoose-Careful
PCNYd Flygon-Modest
PCNYb Wailord-Naive
PCNYc Crawdaunt-Serious
PCNYc Aggron-Careful
PCNYd Altaria @ Dragon Scale-Hasty
PCNYd Salamance @ Dragon Fang-Sassy
PCNYd Seviper-Naive
Repair Program サファイア Zigzagoon @ Liechi Berry-Naughty
Repair Program ルビ- Zigzagoon @ Liechi Berry-Naughty

Gotta Catch 'Em All*
51126 Treecko - UT, Mild (Nagoya)
51126 Mudkip - UT, Impish (Nagoya)
51126 Torchic - UT, Calm (Sapporo)
60114 Murkrow - UT, Sassy (Tokyo)
60114 Pikachu - UT, Calm (Yokohoma)
60114 Pikachu - UT, Careful (Fukuoka)
60114 Mantine - UT, Careful (Fukuoka)
60114 Qwilfish – UT, Sassy (Tokyo)*

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