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Default Re: Most hated video game charachter

Originally Posted by Gem N Ems View Post
They made Big sound all stupid. He's the only character I REALLY dislike. xD Shadow is still the best.
*High fives Gem*

Big's old actor was, surprise, the SAME GUY WHO PLAYED DUKE NUKEM. Yeah...Odd much? Don't know his new actor. Maybe we'll find out in Generations.

On a personal note, I hate Blaze the Cat. I had a fire character long before SEGA did >:(

Omochao is the worst offender. I don't hate him, I just don't like him. However, he was redeemable in that you could pick him up and throw him at enemies and in Shadow's game, there was an unlockable gun that shot him as ammo XD

But now his new actor is terrible. Omochao is less annoying and sounds like a girl and THAT SHOULD NOT BE.

...*Rant over*
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