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Default Soul Chronicles (Chapter 4 is out)

Hello, and welcome to attempt number two at posting a fan fiction here from me. ^^;

Although I lost interest in my first story thread, I don't plan to lose interest in this one. I call it 'Soul Chronicles' and it is the remake/revamp of my very first fan fiction.

Oh right, I'm FadeThePikachu of DeviantArt if there are any readers from DA on here. Look me up! Also, Soul Chronicles can be found there as well.

I should at least show something right? Here it is.

The country of Solaris, a country known for its heavy beliefs in the gods; that Pokémon known as ‘Legendary’ are far greater than that, that they are these gods. This belief has sparked much unrest within this world, but as most beliefs are, it was accepted with time and sadly by force for some.

Solaris is one of the only countries left in the world where Pokémon still refuse to follow this belief: they continue to live as they were before, as Wild Pokémon, free of the technology that has taken hold of much of their world. The Wild Pokémon oppose the belief of gods, claiming the ‘Legendary Pokémon’ are the same as the rest of them, nothing more, nothing less. Yet those known as ‘City Pokémon’ the ones who have built cities, temples and the abundance of technology that they now wield and are continuing to develop, believe that the ‘Legendary Pokémon’ are gods and sadly, a good number of the beings have become foolish enough to believe it themselves.

The ‘great being’ Arceus, the Pokémon that is believed to have created the Pokémon world, has fallen into this belief, yet was it unexpected? No, such a Pokémon with such a history would believe they were god even without the heavy support of the many or the few. Arceus and many other ‘Legendary Pokémon’ had fallen victim to the smugness of ‘godliness’ and eventually the Wild Pokémon chose to protest further…causing a war within Solaris.

The war became one of the most well known events in the world, as it was something worth fighting for: one’s beliefs, convictions, ideals…

The war continued on until one ‘foolish child’ made a move. Using the power of the three deities, Dialga, Giratina and Palkia, he ventured into the realm of Arceus and challenged the ‘god’ to battle; the prize: The proof that Arceus was nothing more than a Pokémon that could easily lose to any other Pokémon.

This battle was a great one, with the victor being undetermined; eventually, Arceus, in a weakened state from the battle, forced the wounded fighter away with its powers. The ‘foolish child’ vowed that one day, either him or his child, his child’s child or even farther down the line, would face and defeat it, proving once and for all, that Arceus was nothing but a normal Pokémon. Arceus was bothered by this; it did not wish to face such an opponent who seemed to follow their convictions, beliefs and ideas so strongly, it caused the so-called god great worry…

To alleviate this worry and fear, Arceus called forth an ultimatum to stop the warring country. Everything would be resolved, by the simple answer of six Pokémon. This way of revelation obviously did not abide well with both sides, but Arceus deemed it a worthy plan and continued on with it.

With a massive amount of its power, Arceus granted a powerful ability to six unborn Pokémon: this ability allowing them access to the realm of the ‘gods’ their many worlds would be open to them. Their mission was simple, it was merely to observe the world, or rather the country of Solaris, and take their own viewpoints concerning who was right, the Wild Pokémon or the City Pokémon. It was rather simple, a mission to observe, this mission would be carried out in time, but only when the six were old enough. Arceus believed this plan would alleviate the ‘foolish one’s’ future children, yet it didn’t, he still vowed to prove Arceus a fraud and to do it through battle, training his family for this task until he passed on…

Years have passed since that day and the six ‘Chosen’ have come of age…the simple task of figuring whether Arceus and the other ‘Legendary Pokémon’ are ‘gods’ or not, has begun.

Hope this interests someone and I do have the first chapter finished for once. Yay!

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