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"Well, this is a fine mess I got myself into." I cursed myself over the sound of the engine of the truck. As it drove down the streets of San Francisco, I could only hang on to the undercarriage and wait until it stopped, my heat-resistant gloves being put through a run for their money. and my mind racing with solutions of how to get out of my predicament with minimal damage.

I had heard the announcement of a renegade Deviant here and hid to avoid the searches by hiding under this truck, which also served as a shelter from the steadily-growing rain. To say I was surprised when the engine started would be an underestimation. I was expecting it about as much as I would the WAE to suddenly vanish forever tomorrow. Again, I had let my focus on the WAE distract me from reality, and had paid little attention.

/Well, look at the bright side, Aria. Maybe they're fellow Deviants./ I heard a motherly voice in my head, soft, yet firm and confident, rising and falling slightly in a soothing tone.

/Inshur, I don't need to hear 'maybe', I need to know./ I thought back to her, used to communicating to her by now, my mind further pushing itself as variable after variable was added to the list of calculations. I was stuck hidden under a moving vehicle, traveling who knows how many miles per hour, and around- hopefully- other Deviants.

How to explain my situation if they are Deviants would be the important part.

Umecit, Nexen
ARPers: Basically all the people with Sonas in the Umecit Battle

I chuckled lightly at Aria's mishap, deciding to lecture her on her lack of care later. For now, I had to deal with the Antivity on the outskirts of the city, seeing a group of Sona's standing nearby, talking about something. I looked further and saw two more Sona's completely identical, but with opposing colors, talking of something else, and could hear percussive beats coming from their direction. I liked the rhythm the Sona had going on, but I hoped it was a Deviant's Sona and not Antivity.

Shrugging it off, I took to the air and drew my sword, letting the etching on it glow in a soft, bluish white light as I held it straight up toward the sky. Looking down, I frowned from the chaos I was about to unleash. Why did it always have to end up like this whenever Antivity was involved?

"Alkmene, Sjorona." I whispered as luminous spheres of moonlight crashed into the Antivity and exploded, before readying an offensive stance with my blade, letting my magic spell run its course before I charged at the nearest Antivity, sword drawn back for an opening swing.
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