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Default Re: Pokemon Vortex Help

Originally Posted by BlackVeilBride View Post
Hello, If you have a pokemon vortex, then you'll know what im talking about. Anyways.:

Ok. So My ign is BlackVeilBride. Hello, I am here to tell you that I'll train your pokemon to a certain exp for that exp.

Example: If you have a Charmander with 50,000 exp and you want me to raise it to 5,000,000. Then you would pay me 4,950,000 exp.

  1. I have a life. Don't Rush Me!
  2. I train one pokemon at a time
  3. A no is a no. If you offer me something thats pretty much impossible, then i will reject it (Ex. "Please raise my Giratina to 100 million, It's at 2 million.)
  4. Your pokemon have to be level 100
  5. I may have to change one of your pokemon's attacks.


75 million: Shiny Non-Tradable Unobs

50 million: Non-Tradable Unobs, Shiny Tradable Unobs

25 million: Tradable Unobs

15 million: Shiny Giratina, Shiny Dialga, Shiny Rayquaza, Shiny Arceus

12 million: Shiny Groudon, Shiny Palkia, Shiny Kyogre

11 million: Shiny Mewtwo, Shiny Victini, Shiny Deoxys, Shiny Kyurem

10 million: Shiny Cresselia, Shiny Keldeo, Shiny Regigigas, Shiny Latios, Shiny Latias, Shiny Heatran, Shiny Ho-oh

8 million: Shiny Regirock, Shiny Regice, Shiny Registeel, Shiny Virizion, Shiny Tornadus, Shiny Landorus, Shiny Thundurus, Shiny Rotom, Shiny Shaymin, Shiny Shaymin (Sky), Shiny Jirachi, Shiny Celebi, Shiny Mew, Shiny Darkrown

6 million: Shiny Cobalion, Shiny Terrakion

5 million: Mystic and Dark Legends

3 million: Ancient Legends

1 million: Normal Legends

500,000: Shiny, Dark, Mystic, Ancient, Normal Uniques.

If you have a pokemon with extra exp other than it's base. Then it will be counted towards your payment.

Example: If you have a Normal Cresselia (1 million) and it has 15 million exp one it, it will equal to 16 million because its already worth 1 million plus the 15 it has on it.

How to request:

Pokemon I want trained (It can be more than one):
Current exp. of each pokemon:
Wanted exp of each pokemon:
Payment(It can be more than one): (What You'll offer to pay me)
Thank You.
How can I get shiny Dialga and Shiny Palkia in pokemon vortex?