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Salem Cristobal Zabaleta
Deviant Paletz
Lost on some Highway
ARPers: Saraibre Ryu (Amiel Sable)

Racing through the Highway, the wind in my hair, no one in sight searching after me, and only the sound of my motorcycle and clinking metal from my passenger seat. You'd think I'd be happy about this, but I have no idea what I was doing or why I was there at all.

Not so long ago I was just peacefully standing on the kitchen of my own restaurant. Sure, besides plain slices of bread without toasting and the seldom hotdog with nothing on it, nothing else was sold, or on the menu for that matter as anything else could easily be considered poison, but, I still had my way there. Everyday I'd add a new spice or a new technique to preparing that simple food. The customers didn't notice, but once in a while one of them smiled...or maybe that was just my imagination. Still, I just know that was the reason my restaurant was the most popular.

Then that one glass of milk came along. I had sneaked just a drop of vanilla into it, and it was just a quick drink for myself, but something was off. It just tasted a bit sweeter than usual. I just knew something was wrong. Right there I took a glance to a side and there he was. A customer staring in horror at the vile of vanilla. The customer ran out the store and I knew I had to run for my life. I knew that was going to happen eventually. I had prepared a travel bag before hand with money and things I knew I would need. Before the WEA rushed into the store, I was already blocks away.

And now, now I'm riding on a very uncomfortable bike headed for someplace.

Just a bit further, a strange silhouette had materialized in the distance just to the side the road. As it became clearer, it revealed itself to be a gas station. I knew that's where I was headed somehow. As I arrived, I was relieved to find it completely deserted. But, why was I there? All I knew at that moment was that I felt like making bread. I was sure the reason would become clear eventually.

Using metal parts and wood from a nearby bench I prepared myself a grill. Luckily for me I had brought in my passenger seat everything I needed. After mixing several ingredients together in a mixing bowl, I used the metallic bowl and a skillet, I now had a makeshift oven. Sure it was nothing like a real oven and having to rush the process would probably make the bread flatter and not as soft as I'd like it to be, but it should at least take less time to make and the spices I added should give it great taste.

Still, I knew I was taking a risk as the spices would give out a strong smell. Even as the dough began heating up, a hint of garlic filled the air instantly. It was a big risk, but I knew I had to do this...for some reason at least.

Dare Dare Haru
Umetic, Nexen
ARPers: Saraibre Ryu, narphoenix, Winter_Cherry... ...and maybe Velocity if his Sonas catch ear of the music


"Ugh! No matter how hard I try I can't contact him at all!" yelled the black tasmanian devil to his white counterpart.

His brother just sat there on the floor, playing some random soothing notes on his violin. He looked up and said, "He's probably caught up in some hard experiment again. You know he hasn't had a chance in a long time. You should just let him be for now."

"He's cooking now!? That's too soon! You know a big battle is coming...I think...And we'll need his inspiration then!"

"Maybe he'll be eating then. You know that's when his inspiration peaks, at the moment he's analyzing the result of his work."

At that moment, Light Dare's Violin became a Marching Drum. He immediately stood up and began playing some battle music.

"It's time?" asked Dark Dare as his brother just smiled and nodded.

Unknown to them, a group of Sonas who were headed their way were just at listening distance of the drums.

OOC: Yes, it's referring to Saraibre Ryu, narphoenix and Winter_Cherry's Sonas.
OOC2: The Violin was really playing random notes. The Drum is playing The Battle by Ludwig van Beethoven.

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