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Originally Posted by Foxamivalth View Post
@Fedora: Yes, you rejected it. But paperfairy said if I can change the battle system, it may be reconsidered.

@PF&Fedora: how if I remove the egg adoption part?
Taken care of. No.

Originally Posted by gmandiddy View Post
The ASB Lottery


Welcome to the ASB Lottery, a place where you can make 100$ in one night. The first idea came from Fushigidane, but sadly died down due to the owner being inactive. Time for the ASB Lottery to come back to life, and this time with some little changes.

How to Play

Simple, it is the same as many lottery businesses. You pay 1$ for a ticket and can win up to 100$, doesn't sound that hard right. When you ask for a ticket, you have a choice of selecting your own 6 numbers or asked for them to be selected for you, by a RNG. Then every Saturday, I shall roll a set of 6 Numbers, plus a bonus ball, and if your numbers match, then you're a winner.


What is what?

ASB Lottery Ball = There are 6 of these balls. If you have any matching numbers, look up at the table and work out your prize fund. You can either write down 6 numbers or ask for a Lucky Draw, where I draw the numbers using an RNG for you.

ASB Bonus Ball = When you have 5 Numbers and do not have the final number, you still could win with the bonus ball. If you have 5 Numbers and the Bonus Ball, you still win some money. The Bonus Ball is only used for when people have 5 Numbers, you cannot have two numbers and the bonus ball to get 10$. If you didn't understand what I just said there is a better explanation here.


Since people will be paying 1$ a ticket, I will not be receiving any profit from this business, (i.e I will not be receiving 5$ a customer).

Also Staff can roll peoples numbers if I am not online and sometimes if I am busy, I may ask a member of the Staff to roll the numbers on Saturday, if I am not able to roll them.

Odds are fine, but my problem is you get $5 a customer just for clicking here. There's no work involved.

Not approved. You're welcome to wait for the verdict from others though.

Originally Posted by Pokemonpal7 View Post
The Day-Care Center
The Day-Care Center is where you can leave 2 pokemon for 12 hours, and when that time is up, an egg will appear. The egg has 45% of being Parent 1 and 45% of being Parent 2. The other 10% will spawn a random pokemon from the egg group in use. Services cost $17 and the first 10 customers get a reduction to $10. Example:
Parent 1 (Samurott) Parent 2 (Arcanine)
Possible Child: Oshawott. Possible Child:Growlithe. Possible child: any lowest evolution in the Field Egg Group.
Pokemon that don't hatch out of eggs: Ditto, Legendarys, anything higher than a base evolution.
Baby Pokemon cost an extra $3 for Incense breeding.
No. Look above.
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