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Doctor Gregory Matthew "Doc" Xanatos
Deviant Engine
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
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"LEMME SLEEEP!" I scream, especially since no one can hear me.

I pick up my phone, shouting excruciatingly, and pick it up,"Hello?"
"Hello, am I speaking with Dr. Xanatos?"
"That would be me."
"Yes, Dr Xanatos, I am Dr. Kostovski."
"Dr. Kostovski? As in the Dean of the university?" The Dean never talked to me: I usually got an email. This had to be urgent.
"That would be me. I do apoligize, Dr. Xanatos, but Dr. Zhao is unable to make the Plastination conference due to a family illness: we need you to go instead. We already have a flight to San Fransisco for you, and we shall reimburse you fully for your trip, and then some. We shall even let you take a two week vacation there for your troubles, but your flight is in five hours."
I was shocked. They must really need me, especially since I only had experience in plastination during first year med school and a summer internship in high school. I was about to raise objections, when a little voice in my talked:
<Go. You need to. I don't why, but you do.>
<Get. Out. Of. My. Head.>
<Sheesh. No need to snap.>
<Dos...> Dos left.

"Fine, I'll go." I was stressed: I needed to pack and be at the airport in less than three hours for a three week trip.
"Excellent, Dr. Xanatos. I thank you again, and sorry for the inconvenience." Dr. Kostovski hung up.

Umetic, Nexen
ARPers: Saraibre Ryu (Veza Ryngsen), Winter Chery (All Sonas)

I come out of a trance after speaking with Greg, but I percieved everything stated.

"Excellent. So it's agreed. Shiri will go create a distraction. You two," I nodded my head-body at the two Sona's with Shiri shall go attack from the front and aim for the leader. And the gargoyle and I shall loop around the back to provide support. I want every single Sona unable to go back to Velvod. For creativity!" I express that last part with quiet excitement. We didn't agree to the gargoyle and I looping around, but I want the general of that army dead before she goes in, in case my suspicions are correct (and I think they are).

I also blissfully ignored that last part about the other sphere acting as a tank. She's gonna wanna kill me. A glint of misheviousness coats my eyes, and then vanishes.
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