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Default Re: Site Suggestions

I'm thinking of forum suggestions...

1. Forum signature character count limit
600 characters with BBCode isn't exactly much when you want the signature to have a lot of links and other things. I wonder whether that can be expanded to 1000 with BBCode?

2. User profile tabs
It's pretty user-unfriendly for users to have to click on a small "Show All Statistics" link to show all statistics related to the user. I wonder whether it's possible to implement tabs on a user's profile, with tabs for VMs, statistics, an "About Me", extended contact information, and so on... (oh, and there's no easy way to go back to VMs right now without involving the reload of the whole page)

3. (minor nitpick) The word "Pokémon"
For some reason, I feel like crying every time I see the word "Pokémon" here without the "é" in the forum section names and the forum name. Is it intentional? I wonder whether that can be changed.
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