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...I wanna join! ^^

Human Sheet:

Name: Salem Cristobal Zabaleta
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Status: Deviant Paletz

Appearance: He’s 5’9” tall and is a bit chubby. He has dark brown hair and eyes as well as tanned skin. He often wears a T-shirt of his favorite color, light grey, almost silver. This cheerful version of grey would probably be illegal, but it seems only other Deviants are able to tell it apparent from regular grey due people’s colorblindness. He wears long checkered pants of white and dark grey squares which is part of his uniform in addition to his white apron. He also wears black sneakers.
Personality: He’s actually very cheerful and somewhat childish, although he is aware of the situation in the world. He just serves food without looking directly at anyone to help him hide emotions. When no one is around, he does smile and act as if nothing was wrong with the world. He tends to have an attitude that says, “If you can’t do anything about it, why worry?” but when he knows he can do something about it, there’s no stopping him.

Background: Born from a Spanish father and an African-American mother. When he was little, he would be the kind of kid to constantly be scolded for playing with his food, but he couldn’t help it. After all, he was just overjoyed around food as at times it seemed that it was the only thing to bring people together. As he grew up, that fascination with food moved on to experimenting with new flavors, textures, designs, and even smells. Still, with how the world is, he had to hide his fascination and even disguise the appearance of his food at times. He hoped that if they didn’t “look” creative, no one would suspect a thing.


-Fate: He doesn’t really believe in Fate, however, whenever he gets the feeling that he should be doing something, he does it regardless of how little sense it makes. This always works to his advantage.
-Ominous Tastes: Whenever he’s making or mixing something he’s done before, if it tastes different, he knows something bad is going to happen, and the situations around it can give him clues as to what it is.
-Culinary Instincts: By studying a person’s behavior (anything from how they talk and react to how they walk and move) he’s able to almost instantly tell how to make the food’s flavor, smell, and general appeal irresistible to that person.
-Inspiration on a Plate: He can’t explain why, but whenever he gets a jolt of inspiration for a dish, the smell of that dish itself will cause people to have at the very least one idea, and maybe one more if they eat it. This does make people stop and breaks their thought pattern, even if it is for a couple of seconds.
-Forager: Salem has a 6th sense for knowing what ingredients are around that he can work with and where to find them.
-Deathly Chef: He’s greatly skilled with knives and any kitchen utensil whether it’s for peaceful purposes or not.

Other: He’s actually quite agile and strong even though he doesn’t look like it.

Sona Sheet:

Name: Dare Dare Haru [Duh-reh Duh-reh Ha-roo]
Nicknames: Light Dare and Dark Dare
Age: Variable apparently…
Gender: Male
Species: Tasmanian Devil

Appearance: Although he’s actually one Sona, Dare has two bodies that act as twin brothers, both of them able to stand in two legs and have a height of 5’9” when doing so. One of them is white (Light Dare), except for a black line around his neck. He wears a golden armor with a shield. The other one is black (Dark Dare), except for a black line around his neck. He wears a silver armor with a sword. They do have sharper teeth and normal Tasmanian Devils.

Personality: Light Dare one is more serene and pacific while Dark Dare one is more of a party guy. They both actually get along really well and always do their best to care for others. They are too trusting of anyone that has been nice too them though. One strange thing about them is that, although their human is a Paletz, neither of them knows anything about cooking. Light Dare is great with music while Dark Dare is great with painting. One very important thing to remember about them, if they are separated too far or for too long, they’ll desperately and even recklessly try to come back to each other’s side and won’t be able to think or function well until they get back together.

Information: Rather than having been created little by little, Dare Dare Haru began as a bodiless entity floating around Nexen, often getting lost in Enfin. This began when Salem started practicing his cooking in secret. He would often think of a song and cook with the flow of the song itself as he thought, “What would this song look like if it were a dish?” Once he was done with each dish, he just felt it as a work of art, which it was even if he didn’t realize it at first. Still, on top of that was the weight of the frustration that what he was doing was considered to be criminal.

Eventually the time came where his family decided to throw away from useless things where he found a small book with the drawing of an animal on the cover. He felt he had to read it, that no matter what, he had to read it. He quickly hid it and patiently waited until he was all alone. When he read the book, it talked about the Tasmanian Devil. In a poetic way, the book talked about this animal was just another part of nature. “Yet it is called a Devil…” is what Salem thought. He felt instant kinship with the animal as, just like his art, it was just what it was, but it was considered an abomination by so many. At the instant this feeling was made, the bodiless entity in the Nexen instantly took the shape of the animal, but not only that, it also split in two as it tried to personify the inspiration of Salem’s art. At that moment, Dare Dare Haru was…or were born. Finding himself lost at first in the labyrinth of Enfin, he managed to get out on instinct alone. And although different, Dare’s and Salem’s arts directly influence the other’s.


-One Sona: They may look and act like two, but they are actually the same Sona. Whatever one sees, hears, smells, tastes, feels, or thinks, so does the other. Worse than your typical Twin Telepathy.
-Fate: Dare shares this ability/behavior with is human. Whenever he gets the feeling that he should be doing something, he does it regardless of how little sense it makes. This always works to his advantage.
-Music in White: Light Dare’s music may not be up to a professional level, but its notes have powers which tend to alter the odds of battle. Each melody he makes has a specific effect like changing the weather, powering up someone’s attacks, lowering the impact of someone else’s attack, healing, transporting, changing the battlefield, and things around these lines. However, each melody does one thing and takes energy to play them.
-Paints in Black: Dark Dare does paint, but only in rare occasions. His paintings always seem to reveal something important that’s happening or about to happen, whether it is on Nexen or Reality.
-Art Supplies: Dare can materialize into his paws paper, coloring tools, or even a musical instrument when needed.
-Swordsman: Yeah, Dark Dare is very skilled with the sword.
-Shielded Bearer: Light Dare’s shield is very tough, and if he focuses his energy into it, he can even create a force field with it. Unfortunately, that means he will be too busy to play his music.

Other: He…uhh…They are also very agile like their…uhh…his human…I hope that made sense. Also, Light Dare has a more complex ability because he doesn’t really fight.

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