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Default Re: Nexen [RP]

Allen Whiteflower, Shiba Set, and Argeno Balk
Deviant Tungz, Tattu, and Graphix
Now entering San Francisco, California(USA)
ARPers: Velocity(Daniel and Domini--welll, on their way, feel free to mention Argeno's big red clinker of a truck)

Al had lost interest in the boring news stories on the TV by now, and had become fairly quiet since her last little comment, balling up herself on the mattress and closing her eyes, letting the music spewing from her earbuds. She let herself float in self-induced blackness, letting the music surround her. Al found herself so deeply into the music that somewhere between the melodic chorus and the rap of the love song that she oddly found she identified with, she had drifted over into Shiri Namida's mind. Something seemed to be going on in the land her Sona inhabited. "...pretty confindent Little Shiri here can give you almost every distraction you need under the sun, so long as they aren't deaf. Just be careful, she's even disoriented Silverstreak a time or two." A half-familiar feminine voice said, followed up by a series of thought-words.

/She can alter her voice to ridiculous levels./ Another half-familiar voice commented.

Shiri...? Al thought, curious as to what was going on with her Sona.

Al?! Jeez, talk about bad timing... Shiri responded, sounding surprised and distracted.

What's going on, are you guys okay? Al couldn't help but worry, Shiri didn't often greet her like this, and it bothered her.

Yeah, we're fine, but there are a lot of Antivity coming, and me, Kari, Silverstreak, and two other Sonas are trying to figure out how to best fight them off. I don't like it, but for us to keep from loosing any more...

It's necessary, I ge-- Al was yanked from her contact with Shiri by someone gripping her shoulder tightly and shaking. She saw Shiba's lips move, but she couldn't hear over the older girl over the words as man with a fairly recognizable voice belted out "My heart's a stereo, it beats for you so listen close..." in her ears. She saw Shiba's lips move, for a moment before Shiba seemed to realize her music was turned up too loud for Al to hear her, and rippped an earbud out of the girl's ear before pointing at the TV.

"...Again, residents of San Francisco and neighboring cities are advised to stay indoors with all entrances locked. There has been a Deviant with WAE in pursuit reported in the city of San Francisco, residents are..." The news reporter was suddenly dorwn out by Shiba.

"Come on, we need to get out there and see if we can't find this Deviant. That and get out before they atart up the house raids." She said, standing up after Argent, who was already loading the cooler they had brought in from their previous trip with whatever he could grab while Shiba snatched up a backpack from by the door, leaving Al to stand slowly. The little girl zipped her hoodie quickly and grabbed a thin blanket before Argeno was ushering her out the door and back into the light rain. They loaded in fairly quickly, all the extra things were simply precaution, if they were seen or had to lay low for a little while. All three hoped that they wouldn;t have to be away from home for long, but knowing their luck, they'd probably have to leave it for good.

Argeno fought the urge to back out of the driveway at full speed, and gripped the steering wheel so hard his fingers ached, but it prevented him from jumping the speed limit.

Shiri Namida, Kari Penn, and Silverstreak Watermark
Umecit, Nexen
ARPers: Sabi(Veza) and narphoenix(Dos)

Kari grinned like a madwoman at Veza, especially once the odd Sona uncurled herself from her ball form and further once she explained what she could do. "If you have a distraction, eh? I'm pretty confident Little Shiri here can give you almost every distraction you need under the sun, so long as they aren't deaf. Just be careful, she's even disoriented Silverstreak a time or two." She warned, gesturing to her tattoo as she mentioned Silverstreak, who twitched on her skin again, the ink dragon followed up with a series of thought-words.

/She can alter her voice to ridiculous levels./ He, like Kari, issued a warning about Shiri's voice-altering abilities. /However Kari and I are good for simply beating up things./

"Yeah, find me someplace with a lot of loose debris or a light pole or something and I should be good for a little while. It's unorthodox but it wo--will you please stop twitching, Silverstreak? You're making my skin crawl; I promise we'll get to the fighting, but hold on for a few more moments!" Kari huffed to the silver tattoo that took up the length of her entire body. She had noticed a sudden change in the dragon-like Sona's attitude and speech, and she was sure Shiri had noted it as well until she turned to see Shiri standing still and looking a bit unfocused. This was broken with a sudden cry of "Al!" before Shiri blinked and shook her head.

"Sorry, I... My Deviant decided to come calling and got pulled out of the conversation." Shiri glanced up at the sky for a moment before looking to Veza and trying to explain what she could do. "I'm a Siren, everyone be forewarned. If I tell you to cover your ears, there's a good reason for that. Otherwise I can pretty much keep myself protected so long as I'm not near lots of heat or fire. I try to stay away from fighting, but I'm sure I have a choice here..." She murmured, Kari patted her arm reassuringly.

"We're good, if there are no more things to share or any objections, I think we're ready to go." The brown-haired girl suggested.

OOC: Al happens to be listening to Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine, which basically fueled this entire post. XD

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