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Default Re: Individual RP: ChainReaction01 (Woods)

Saya got to her feet and blurred towards the bug. She was caught by some of the Joltik's spiderwebs, but they didn't have enough strength behind them to stop her completely. The yellow fox bashed her shoulder into the small spider, sending it flying off its strand. I took the opportunity to throw the Park Ball at the spider. I was fairly sure my ball had missed, but nonetheless the Bug-type was sucked into the sphere. It shook for a couple moments, and then the capture was complete. Ivy walked over to the ball and picked it up.

“Congrats. This one should be fun to raise. It was pretty creative in the battle. Where to next, Jathan?” she asked.

I looked around, not seeing anything beyond the trees. Now that Saya had finished fighting, her Drought was calming down, and the light was fading. Soon, the area would be just as dark as it had been when we arrived. Thankfully, with the disappearance of the Joltik, its String Shot network had faded.

"I don't know, whichever way you think is best. We should probably try to find a way back to the path," I suggested.

I threw a quick look at my Pokeplayer. Its battery light was flashing red, an indication that it didn't have much charge left. I knew I had forgotten to charge the small device, but I had hoped that it would last longer than this. I might have to go home without a Scyther.
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