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Amiel Sable
Deviant Tuner
Highway 5, USA
ARPer's: N/A

Driving alone gave a person a lot of time to think. Driving on a more of less straight highway made a person sleepy, but I couldn’t sleep, so I thought. I felt half asleep, driving southbound, on Highway Five. I wasn’t sure where I was going to stop, I wasn’t even sure why I stopped in Seattle. I just did. As I kept driving, I kept having that feeling of heavy half sleepiness fall over my mind. I didn’t fight it, but I remained with my eyes open on the road. After a moment or so, a voice came into my head.


‘Yes Veza…?’

‘Theres a large group of Antisona in Umetic…larger than usual.’


‘Someone’s been tracking them through Enfin. They say it’s about twenty strong.’


‘Also, there’s another three here, Sona’s of a Tungz, Tattu and Graphix.’

‘…that’s good Veza…’

‘Should I?’

‘Later…at your own accord.’

‘Compliance is positive.’

‘I’ll set you up with a boost.’

After that, Veza’s voice went quiet and I felt more awake. I put one hand in my pocket as I drove, waiting for the right time. Music would give Veza a boost, whatever I was listening to. The right song however would pick her up more, and sometimes if I didn’t, her mood would swing. I waited for a while, before I started the tune. It was quite fitting and one of my favorite techno pieces. I drove faster as the song played, knowing that I was headed somewhere, I’m just not sure where that was yet.

Veza Ryngsen
Umetic, Nexen
ARPer's: Winter, narphoenix

Twenty Sona’s wasn’t exactly the guerrilla group I was thinking of. Maybe ten at most, but with my estimates doubled, I was glad I had help. I was starting to get into that vibe again. Before I did however, I put myself into a calm state, eyes closed, like meditating. If there was a Sona of a Tungz, Tatuu and Graphix, here, that was quite a trio. I remembered the goal Amiel and I had set for ourselves. She was a Tuner, those other three, practically added to the whole set. I sat for a while, in a half awake state, talking to my Deviant. After a moment I woke up, coming back to the task at hand. No doubt that after this, the Sona around me would notice I was a bit off for a Sona. If you’re wondering how, you’ll see in a moment.

“Its land they won’t get. Most likely they’re using animal Sona’s. Easiest to train, buff and command. Pray tell we don’t run into anything the slightest bit hydra.” I commented, starting to relax and let myself out.

First it was the panels on the wings that unlocked, then a careful opening of both wings, letting my massive claws and feet touch the ground. My tail came out, and my head soon followed. I let my arms fall to my sides, looking at those I had been speaking with so I knew not to make them explode for the fight ahead of us. I looked at the one who had given us information. He was a tiny blue ball that was about the size of a jawbreaker in my hand. My impression of his tracking ability was even more…well impressed. The others, a humanoid, and something that looked like a humanoid but didn’t smell quite human. As I expected, I was much larger than the lot of them.

“I can provide my own defense. I don’t have blood so my ears won’t bleed.” I stated in my semi mechanical voice. “If there is a distraction provided, I can try to overrun what ones are of the lesser power. I’ll draw the attention of the larger Antisona’s. I can tank heavy attacks. I can carry you two,” I pointed at the two humanoids. “inside my wings in ball form to get you at the center of things, and to do whatever it is you’re good at.”

Really I could tank anything, though afterwards I’d have to regenerate my crystal and panels. I could feel myself getting focused on this task. Defeat Antisona forces. All of them eliminated meant success.

“If there is a complete compliance, let’s depart.”

I could hear a song playing in my head. It was time to rock and roll. I was ready for the chaos.

OOC: Song used: Vagabond, Ready for Chaos
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