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Talking Funny Parts

This is as simple is heck.

In the earlyish 1st season, when Team Rocket was doing their motto in a phone booth to the boss, and it was coming out of the phone and sounded all phone-distorted, and they made the R with the telephone wire... And in one not long after, (I belive the episode was Ghost of Maiden's Peak) Jessie was doing the motto and James was stuck in a hole or something, muttering his lines barely audible. And then she noticed he was there and was all OMG! Also, the whole Ashley thing with the Celadon Gym in Pokémon Scent-sation!, which is funny considering Ash is voiced by a female. Oh! I just about doubled over laughing at the Cowterpie. It was just so irrelivant.

And for Johto, the one with the girl who has the Hitmontop in the dojo place, whatever they called the sensei (which wasn't sensei), Ash said, "Yeah, I think I had that at a Chinese restaurant!" SHILAN! I think it was called the Shilan. I THINK. Shehan? But anyway, then someone snapped at him, and he was like, "Oh, well I thought it was chicken in a garlic sauce."

D/P series. Barry. That's all I need to say... They kept him perfectly like in the games with the crashing and the fining. Barry is my favorite rival character in any game, next to or tied with Ronald because he was such a n00b. Anyways, Barry! "I'll just have to catch it mayayayayayself! ReadyornothereIcome." "We did it! Oh yeah! Empoleon!" "I have 7 badges, what about you Barry?" "SIX!" "Who's she?" "That's my mom, Barry." I cannot believe it took Pokémon that long to come up with a funny character like him.

OH OH OH and the deleted scene of James in a bikini, legit.

If you want me to rescue you in PMD1, just ask. There is nothing a Lv. 100 Flareon and Meganium cannot do.

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