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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

Ailith Lior, Kokoro Maimi, and Kumori
Light, Apprentices
Everlastia, Guild Courtyard-> Mess Hall

The girls kept Kumori firmly between them, not because they were worried for others, but because they were worried about him. The whole thing with the tree, while most likely something they figured the Masters could handle, had really upset the boy's already fragile stability. Rush seemed to force an argeement with Ailith's statement, if only for his own benefit, but that seemed to be what every one of them was trying to do at this point. Kumori still clung to Kokoro's arm while the girls led him along after Rush into the mess hall to get something to eat--between the sparring practice earlier and the Guild's newest discovery, they needed to get something to eat before they dropped. Ailith nibbled on her pocky quietly in thought as they waited while Kokoro spent her time giving Kumori soft assurances and promises that the darkness would stay away, that it would not hurt him.

The mess hall wasn't exactly the most interesting building in the Guild, not nearly as eye-pleasing as the trio found many of the other buildings scattered about. Sure, the enchanted tables and buffet thing was kind of cool (a very tasteful improvement from what she and Kumori had been used to in the Radiant Garden schools, Kokoro thought) but it had lost it's interesting factor after awhile and now they faced a ridiculously long lunch line wait with all sorts of uncertainties flitting through their heads. What if the darkness does come again? Will I be strong enough to protect Kumori like I tell him I will? Kokoro wondered, murmuring more soft assurances to her friend in a continuous stream in an effort to finally return him to normal. Kumori's eyes kept darting around everywhere as though he expected an ambush out of nowhere.

"Kumori, calm down. Nothing's going to happen to us and you're starting to make me feel paranoid." Ailith muttered. Moments later, Rush turned to face the group and spoke.

“Hey, have any of you seen a girl named Embry Smith around?” He asked, Kokoro and Ailith both shook their heads while Kumori jumped at the sound of the boy's voice before shaking his head as well.

"Embry Smith...? Name sounds faintly familiar, but I don't know her personally." Ailith said, still nibbling at her pocky.

"Same for us." Kokoro echoed softly, patting Kumori's arm.

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