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Default Re: Occupy Wall Street

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
I am confused. Are you saying they are fed up with capitalism as a whole, or the corrupt mess that the U.S is facing right now? I am a firm believer that a combination between social and capital economies would make a swell idea... on paper.
Well the problem with an organically grown movement like this (as opposed to, say, the Tea Party, which was largely very organized) is that there is no definitive message because nobody defined what it was supposed to be about beforehand. So everyone joining came in with their own concept. I happen to know for a fact, for instance, that at least a small chunk of them are there because legalize pot.

The general gist of it, though, isn't so much an issue with capitalism itself as an issue with our own capitalist system, which allows not only for a small percentage of the population to control the wealth and buy out the government, but also for things like the 2008 economic crash, where the Wall Street bankers who effectively destroyed our economy were not only not punished, but actually bailed out with taxpayer money, resulting in them ending up thriving where everyone else was screwed over by their greed and incompetence. Basically it's a call for an economic system that isn't inherently equal, not socialist, but is fair and honestly capitalistic.
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