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Default Re: Individual RP: ChainReaction01 (Woods)

It wasn't long before the popcorn-sized bug stumbled out into the open, confused and misguided by Saya's Extrasensory attack. It appeared almost shy as my psychic fox led it out into the open ground. I almost felt sorry for the Electric-type - it was being led straight into a trap.

Sure enough, Saya barked twice at the tiny yellow Pokemon and a small spray of baseball-sized fireballs flew towards the small bug. They flashed and fizzed out on contact - silent testament to Saya's ailing stamina. However, I could tell by the Bug-type's squeaking that the fireballs still stung. The spider scurried away from the scorched ground and up onto some of its barely-visible String Shot wires.

I thought that the bug might take a quick rest or reinforce its battle abilities, but apparently the Joltik was made of sterner stuff than I gave it credit for. It immediately began jumping from wire to wire, dragging a multicoloured light which spread out along and around the String Shot network. The light collected in three main points, roughly equidistant around Saya. I scratched my head confusedly, wondering what the spider was trying to do. Was it attempting to fashion a makeshift Confuse Ray?

Nope. A huge amount of electricity blasted out of the small Bug-type in an obvious Discharge attack. However, instead of continuing in all directions like a normal Discharge, the blue electricity was drawn towards the three glowing orbs. Too late, I realised my opponent's plan. I definitely wanted this Pokemon - it was excellent at improvising and combining attacks. I shouted out to Saya, but it was useless. The three orbs exploded, completely whiting out my vision. I could hear Saya whine, but my eyes were completely useless. Right about now it would have been great to have my brother's Aura Reader - the machine would have detected the light burst and automatically added a filter, saving my right eye.

After about a minute, the flash had dulled enough that I could only just begin to see again - despite really badly. Saya was low on the ground, whining quietly as sparks crawled along her coat. I looked around the arena, trying to locate the Joltik, and eventually I saw the tiny bug scuttling back and forth on one of its wires. The movements made me think that instead of having an active plan, the Joltik was just preparing to react. The obvious counter to this was moving so fast that it didn't have time to react. I had a plan to do this. Sasha was tired, but this was her power's stamina, not her physical stamina. She might not be able to launch any Infernos or Solarbeams right now, but she wouldn't have any problems whatsoever moving her body physically.

"Saya, you've done great, and we're almost there," I praised her. "Just one Quick Attack, girl."

Saya got to her feet and snorted determinedly. I was a bit worried about the String Shot lines, but I figured they were the setup to an attack as opposed to containing an attack itself. The Quick Attack would strike the Wild Pokemon incredibly fast, and I'd be ready to hit it with a Park Ball right after. It was lucky the Joltik wasn't trying to hide. I pulled a Park Ball out of my pocket and clenched it behind my back, waiting for Saya to strike.
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