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Default Re: Diamond's Poetry

Originally Posted by Temporal Diamond View Post
@Charmander: Ohai! It inspired you? Whow. XD Yes I think that I need to work on the rhythm, because whenever I write poems on paper, I don't organize in lines as how I do in my posts. X3
Hai! xD Yeppers, you inspire-er you! Oh, I getcha ^^ Do you read your poems out loud, too? I think that helps sometimes, too ^^


I agree with Max--great new work! :D It really portrays this feeling of majesty, powerful but beautiful at the same time. I liked how you described this Roar of Time as something that is strong and far-reaching, but at the same time it has this cleansing effect. LoL, I feel like I'm repeating myself xD The fourth stanza was my favorite, with how the words worked with each other and all. Can't wait to see more! ^^

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