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(OOC: Let's go M.)


Thankfully, the Bidoof left them alone, turning back to sink into the water without a fuss. She wanted to use as few Pokédolls as possible, since she was always short on funds. She probably even still owed the League...

She shook her head to snap out of that line of thoughts, focusing instead on what was happening on her run. James led them on around the lake, edging along the water. She could see their forms reflected on the surface. Toshiro's strictly professional image was between her and the lake, probably thinking he was going to protect her if anything came out of it. She was really happy he did things like that.

The Jolteon was a fairly new addition to her team, and she wasn't quite sure what to do with him since he was so different from any of her other partners. He was more serious, yet he wasn't mean or disinterested in anything they did. He was fairly protective too, and he worked great with others as long as everyone understood they weren't playing games (unless they were, of course, but then it was competitive). She had worried at first that he would take a long time to adjust being around them, but he was fitting in just fine so far.

She looked ahead to the Ranger, seeing him walking alone. Didn't he have a Pokémon with him too? Toshiro didn't mind being in or out of his ball, though Elena could tell he liked to stretch his legs and observe the surroundings. He was always alert.

“Hey, James, where's your Pokémon?” she asked, curious. Didn't Rangers usually walk around with theirs? She thought she remembered a guy with his Xatu last time she was here on a run to Deckbi.

Soon there was a strange rock sticking out of the water. It was purple-gray, and it had a few spines on it. It was triangular-shaped, but since the rest of it was underwater yet, that wasn't necessarily true. The Ranger checked it out, moving closer and observing carefully. He put his foot out and tapped it, like he expected it to lash out at him, but nothing happened. He shrugged and moved back to the path, intent on going on.

Before they could move though, the rock shifted, and a muffled moaning sound was heard, sort of sounding like it was coming from the water. The pool bubbled next to the rock, and then it fell back, revealing a somewhat dopey-looking, pink Pokémon that was looking at them blankly. Elena caught a pair of eyes on the rock-tail before it disappeared into the water. It scratched at its head and kept that same confused look, and the girl almost laughed.

James muttered something and then asked her, “Do you want to try capturing a Slowbro?”

Toshiro's ears flicked at the prospect of a battle, and Elena thought it over. Slowbro were a powerful Psychic and Water-type Pokémon that was capable of learning many techniques. Other than Fred, she didn't have any other Water-types, and having another one would put less stress on her Swampert, if he could ever be not relaxed anyway. It wouldn't hurt to have another Psychic-type either, as Horus, a Xatu she traveled with, wasn't really hers. Eventually she'd have to give him back to Doc.

The Jolteon looked battle-ready. He was standing between her and the wild Pokémon, ears alert and body tense, ready for instructions. She could even hear the faint crackle of his fur, charing with electricity.

“What do you think, Toshiro?” she asked. He tilted his head back to look at her, and she saw the eagerness in his eyes. “Think we should battle? Slowbro's not going to be a cakewalk, but I know if you want to fight, you'll do great.”

This would be their first big test together if they went for it, and she couldn't say she wasn't a little nervous. She didn't want to mess up and make him think she was an incompetent Trainer, but she had never faced a Pokémon like this before. Park battling was always a little trickier too, due to terrain and stuff. She didn't think Toshiro wanted to do a lot of swimming, so they'd have to work around things like that. Still, if he wanted to battle, she wasn't going to hold him back. It was part of her job as a Trainer to promote growth and encourage her Pokémon to do new things. She'd be a hypocrite if she didn't, since Pokémon gave up so much to be with people.

Toshiro nodded, scuffing the ground with his paws. Elena smiled and nodded to him. “Alright, we're on. Be careful. You don't want to get hung up in the water. He might be slow, but he has a huge advantage there. Let me think for a second and we'll get moving.”

Her eyes took in all of the surroundings, from the calm water to the sandy beach ringing around the Lake and the clear sky above. They had a bit of a type advantage since Electric-types hit Water-types pretty hard, but it wasn't like they could just fire off Thunderbolts at the Slowbro. There were other Pokémon living in that lake, and too much high voltage would hurt the others. That would be irresponsible, since the Park was supposed to be a place they could live in peace.

What they really needed was some way to get him out of the water. Toshiro could probably swim, but not well enough to get Slowbro to chase him out onto land. Elena wasn't sure the pink Pokémon could do anything fast, actually. She made a thinking noise as she racked her brain, her hand idly playing with the glove that covered her left arm. It was too bad there weren't any stepping stones.

Then her eyes brightened up as she thought of what they could do. Her Jolteon was valued pretty highly because of the type of Hidden Power he could manipulate. It was Ice, something very useful against things like Dragons. Many people wanted one, searching all over and spending quite a bit traveling and whatnot, but they weren't easy to come by. Elena wasn't fussed. She'd like Toshiro no matter what type of Hidden Power he had. They were just lucky, she supposed. That ice was about to come in handy.

“Okay, Toshiro, we can't let loose with your electric attacks until we can get Slowbro out of the water. We don't wanna hurt any of the other Pokémon hanging around. Run out onto the water and get close. You should be able to use your Hidden Power to make platforms to stand on. Hopefully you'll be too fast for him, and you can get a powerful Double Kick in. Try to keep the pads of your feet on the ice to you don't fall off. If you do, that's okay, just get back to shore and we'll try something else.”

She didn't want him to reach from the sand since it was too far for him to kick, and he'd sink into the ground a bit. The ice wasn't much better since it would be slippery, but at least he wouldn't get that suction effect if water filled up the gaps in the sand to try and keep his feet there. She'd rather have him slipping around and in motion. At least he'd be harder to hit.

If all went well, Toshiro would be able to manipulate the water and freeze it, giving him those platforms they needed for him to stand on. Double Kick wasn't his strongest attack, or even one he particularly excelled at, but he could probably get enough force behind the two kicks to move Slowbro out onto the shore. He'd probably be a little heavy, but nothing too major. Since he was pretty close to the sand already, they had a good chance. It was a start at least. They'd have to wait and see what he did after that.

“Alright, Toshiro, you got this!”


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