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Daniel Redrock and Drauvant Domini
Alignment: Deviant - Grafix and WAE - Tungz
Location: Outskirts of San Fran, CA
ARPers: Winter_Cherry (Allen Whiteflower, Shiba Set, and Argeno Balk, or at least they're nearby)

Daniel slid into the alleyway, panting with the effort of trying to evade his armed-and-angry pursuer. Domini could move surprisingly - and frighteningly - fast. The only reason that Daniel hadn't been caught was his sizable head start.

Daniel whipped the painting out of his pocket, unfolding it and staring at it, determined to memorize every last detail of it. He needed his Sona's help and advice now more than ever, and color was the only way to reach him. Color was the only thing that could draw Cyrus's focus.

The painting showed the image of a large cathedral, with tall, colorful stained-glass windows with flowing patterns and exotic designs. Rainbows of light flooded in, catching the dust motes spiraling upward from the ancient wooden floor. This cathedral was the last thought Daniel had caught from his Sona for a long time up until very recently, and he had committed it to paper as soon as he had the chance. Now Daniel stared hard at the paper, concentrating on it and his Sona.

A wave of hazy confusion hit Daniel. 'Dan... wha... you... happe... can't hea....'

'Cyrus, listen to me,' Daniel thought urgently. 'Please, focus. Domini is chasing me. I need you to tell me anything Fury's told you about him - anything - that might be helpful.'

There was a pause - Daniel couldn't tell if his Sona was thinking or just losing focus. Finally he heard, 'Can't... I'm sorry... Fury says... run.'

Daniel muttered a curse under his breath, folding up the picture and then sliding farther into the alley. He hoped to God that Domini would pass him by.

Cyrus Nelvenmig and Fury
Alignment: For the Deviants
Location: The outskirts of Inau, near Umecit
ARPers: None at present.

'Daniel! Daniel, what happened? I can't hear you... Blast!'

Cyrus opened his eyes, snarling in frustration as he lost contact with Daniel. Fury was looking back at him questioningly, her head tilted sideways and her dazzling violet eyes gleaming with curiosity.

"Did you get though to him?" Fury asked. There was genuine concern in her voice.

"No," Cyrus snapped, fear making him angry. "I can't focus. Every time he tries to contact me, I can barely think. The barrier is closed to me, Fury."

"I haven't talked to my creator in a long time," Fury murmured gently. Anyway, Daniel will be fine. From what you've told me, he's a smart and able boy."

"Mm," was Cyrus's noncommittal reply. He suddenly paused, sniffing at the air. "I smell ashes... And I sense Antivity."

Fury growled, flexing her claws. "Shall we go on a hunt, then, my friend?"

"There's nothing I'd like better," Cyrus replied. And with Fury following in her lioness form, Cyrus streaked across the grass, heading toward the source of the Antivity and trying to push his worries out of his mind.
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