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Default Re: Things You Hate in Music

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
Is there anything that you like?

Rap: I'd love to see you rap.

Country: It is something for people with a southern drawl to relate to.

Heavy Metal/Emo/Screamo: You obviously haven't listened to Sexual Man Chocolate by Attack! Attack!, or Dream Theater, or Symphony-X. You really need to listen to a genre thoroughly to say you dislike it.

Justin Bieber: Okay, I seriously hate it when people attack his singing ability. While I do not dislike the person, I do not think he lacks talent. He really is a good singer... or should I say, was?

Autotune: Autotune is not only for people who cant sing. You are thinking of Ke$ha or Pink. As I said, you need to look into more than just the surface.
Rap: To be honest, if you've got a sense of rhythm, chances are you can rap. Rapping is basically singing without notes.

Country: ... so people with a southern drawl will relate to music that also has a southern drawl? Ok... don't really get what you're saying there. However, country can be done without swearing. In fact, a lot of the country I've heard there isn't any swearing...

Heavy Metal/Emo/Screamo: Don't patronise people. "You obviously haven't heard...", as if those people will miraculously change their stance on a genre. Just because you like them, doesn't mean others will.

Justin Bieber: Yeah, I agree here. He's quite cocky, from what I gather from him, but he can sing.

Autotune: Ke$ha also uses autotune on the speaking parts - I think it's pretty clear that it's there as part of the genre of the music. If everything else is synthesised, why shouldn't the vocals be?

Although, Moonkit, even with autotune, you can't make a terrible singer brilliant. You can fix the tiny hiccups of good singers, which is what it mostly is. Other times, it's used for effect (like I said, getting into the style of the music).
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