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Default Re: New Horizons: Dark Arceus [all-inclusive mon/morph/trainer/wild/etc]

Erik Marx and Aria
Sinnoh Continent: Outside Veilstone City

Erik sighed as he pulled the boat to dock as his hidden cave, tying off the mooring lines and walking down to the cabin of the small boat, where Aria was lying down, exhausted and tired, still bandaged from earlier. Smiling, he gently pressed against the door and slid down, drifting off to sleep as the moon hung overhead outside.



Veilstone Hotel, room 361

Zen slowly drifted back into consciousness, the covers slipping off her form as she looked around. The ageless young man had vanished, and she felt a slight pang of guilt at her overreaction to him in her panicked state, frowning with sadness as she remembered hearing his pained cries before she blacked out. She turned to see the boy with the Flareon tail lying on a couch, his Flareon companion sleeping near him. She remembered him attacking the man, silver flames burning bright. But with that brought back the memory of the young man.

She felt bad for him. He offered help to her, and she had blatantly panicked and caused him to be injured as a result. She could not feel worse, even if she tried. She felt a tear slip from her eyes and roll down her cheek. Looking down, she saw that her breasts had been bound rather poorly and with haste, leaving them not only slightly exposed, but loose to come off if she merely hopped. Sighing, she gently removed the bandages and stepped out of the bed, slipping off her jeans, panties, gloves, and her daggers (which she was immensely glad she forgot they were there in her panic) and then she was left standing in just her fur. Neatly folding the pants and panties, she set them on the dresser and then placed her daggers on them, her gloves covering them from sight as she set them down last.

Looking at the young man again, she padded over to him, soft enough as to not wake the Flareon, yet with the grace of a Suicune walking on the surface of water. She gently slipped her arms under his back and legs before carrying him over to the bed and laying him down gently on it, removing his clothing save for his legwear. Better than sleeping on a couch, she thought to herself. Blushing lightly at his defined musculature, she silently climbed into the bed, pulling the covers over them and wrapping her arms around his waist protectively, soon falling into a happy sleep with her breasts pressed lightly against his back and her tail lifghtly wrapping around his, a low purr rising from her throat...
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