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Default Re: Things You Hate in Music

Originally Posted by Fierce Deity View Post
What I hate about some music? The people that listen to it are so judgmental.

And not in the right sense... People don't understand how to explain why they "hate" something, so they end up simplifying the thought, and being lazy. lazy muth ***** who listen to the same thing, over and over. Afraid of change, or how to understand something for being different. A lot of music grows on you, and you can dislike something, but to generalize a statement then start an argument over it, isn't the answer. You gotta know your facts, and even then, it's all still opinion, based on preference. I really just don't hate music, because there is someone learning from what's happening, and doing their twist on it. Sometimes you just need to go to a local bar, and you'll catch a set you weren't planning on seeing.

haha. XD

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