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Default Re: Nexen [RP]

Allen Whiteflower, Shiba Set, and Argeno Balk
Deviant Tungz, Tattu, and Graphix
Now entering San Francisco, California(USA)
ARPers: None, atm

It was almost a day with no big news...almost. The news suddenly went from boring weather reports and news on local 'stories' which were braodcasted by blank-faced men and women who talked in monotones and acted more like robots than humans to a sudden emergency warning.

‘Earlier today, Seattle became victim to a terrorist attack about half an hour ago. The form of attack was an audio recording and is being dealt with as we bring you this breaking news. Investigators believe this is the work of the same Deviant audio terrorist who was the cause of the three hours of audio terrorism last week, with over two hundred victims, and the attack five days before that one with just fewer than ninety affected. Those who were a victim of this attack are not yet known, but many are being taken in for evaluations. WAE officials would like to remind our viewers that these are merely acts of terrorism and will be dealt with accordingly. If any Deviant activity is suspected, remember to report it to WAE officers. Authorities will be mounting a search for any Deviants in the Seattle area and outward areas. In the meantime, officials request that people remain in doors with windows shut and doors firmly closed until it is safe. This is United Global News, USA Network reporting live.’

Shiba and Argeno both shook their heads, that was all they ever heard any more. At least the Deviant hadn't been caught yet. Whoever it was was obviously more lucky than them. Of course, none of them would complain--at least there were some out there that were still willing to fight publically like that. Shiba looked to Al and almost felt like crying, they were lucky that they could even get Al to go outside at all after the incident two months ago, as it was the girl had alredy been hurt too much by this world, that was why she always had earphones in and would probably go insane if she had to live in a world where she could not sing and had to live without music. the younger girl sat balled up on the mattress next to hers, large, almost-blue gray eyes staring blankly ahead at the television, not giving away a thing about how she felt about the situation.

"...Good luck..." The faintly-spoken words broke the silence following the announcement in the living room. "Not sure who or where you are, but good luck..." Al murmured softly, still staring at the television screen.

Shiri Namida, Kari Penn, and Silverstreak Watermark
Umecit, Nexen
ARPers: Sabi(Veza) and narphoenix(Dos)

"Well, we weren't looking for them until we realized they were here. We live out here and were coming home...but if they're going to try and attack us, we can't just stand around and let them, can we?" Kari stated in response to Veza. Shiri twirled a few strands of pink hair around her left hand index finger nervously.

"Not if we want our dreams to come true... Not if I want to keep Al alive." The Siren murmured, though she visibly paled at the blue sphere's information on what they might be going against.

"Well, I don't know about you guys, but you have the Sonas of a Tattu, Graphix, and Tungz here, though Little Shiri isn't much of a fighter unless she has to be. She specializes in distracting and quick defense...though it might blow your eardrums out if you are't careful. Silverstreak and I, though, we cna fight." Kari indicated the silver dragon tattoo, which didn't both moving for the time just yet.

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