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Originally Posted by Saraibre Ryu View Post
Cave Johnson approves this advance in science.

OKAY so...the fairy of paper said to post this here:

Dream Hotel Halloween Event
For one week, leading up to the special day of Halloween itself, the Dream Hotel will be having a special Halloween event. For this week, we ask customers if they would like to Trick or Treat, and depending on what they pick, depends on what Pokιmon they receive. To make sure there is enough for everyone, its one go per Customer, we only have so many beds to go around! We’ve put the regular beds aside and moved many into either the Hall of Tricks, or the Treat Hall. Simply pick which hall you’d like to have your Pokιmon sleep in on any day of the week during the event and the next day, you’ll receive a Pokιmon. Any Pokιmon you do not wish to keep can all be refunded for a 30 point total towards a customer credit account.

Total Cost for the special event is $16!

Hall of Tricks:

Treat Hall:

Now my justification of the price is that:
1: It's a one per person.
2: Customer have less control over what they get compared to my current system.
2.2: With the above being said, types are chosen at random, all Pokemon chosen at random, such and such.
3: Treat types are basicaly opposites of the Trick types...this more justifies my choice of types. I wasn't sure where to fit the rest.
Approved by me. [1/3]

Originally Posted by Foxamivalth View Post
Snake & Ladder
Have you ever play Snake & Ladder game?
This business is based on that game. By rolling a die, you move the same number as the die shows. By playing this game, you can earn so many great things. Please read until the end before start playing.

• Sign up here by paying $20.
• As your sign up fee is paid, your game starts.
• You have 10 rolls, and 20 Action Points.
• To do your action, simply quote the last position/action posted by Foxamivalth and post your next action.
• There are 40 spaces for you to explore. Get to space 40 means you win the game.
• If you're on the 38th space, getting 2 or more die roll will win you from the game.
• You can encounter Pokemon during your adventure. To catch them, you need battle them. Read "Capture" and "Battle" below.
• You can also get money or items during your adventure.

Items to Get
• Puzzle Piece
• Money ($1 - $5)

Pokemon to Encounter
• Paras
• Exeggcute
• Deerling
• Pinsir
• Carnivine
• Maractus
• Tropius
• Cacturne
Rocky Mountain
• Klink
• Nosepass
• Spinda
• Spoink
• Heatmor
• Onix
• Dugtrio
• Marowak
Sea Side
• Poliwag
• Tympole
• Corphish
• Surskit
• Dwebble
• Corsola
• Relicanth
• Cloyster
Victory Road
• Exploud
• Cryogonal
• Lapras
• Absol
• Golem
• Stoutland
• Wobbuffet
• Slaking

Pokemon Encounter
• If you step on the space where Pokemon swarms, you may encounter 1 of 8 Pokemon that are swarming in that place.
• The Pokemon to be encountered are random, by rolling from 1-8.

• Every Pokemon found can be capture at anytime you wish by using 1 Action Point.
• Player and All Pokemon have 100 HP.
• Player may flee by using 1 Action Point.
• Capture Rate = 100 - Pokemon's current HP. If Pokemon has 100 HP, Capture Rate = 1. Capture Rate +10 when Pokemon is Stunned or Poisoned.

• Player will be given 3 cards to start. At the start of each turn, player will be given 1 card, and his hand will always be 3 cards. Cards will be given at random. Player chooses which card he is going to use each turn. Pokemon will use a random move each turn.

There are 10 cards a player can get:
1. Deal 10 HP damage.
2. Prevent the Pokemon from escaping. Attempts to Run by Pokemon will fail for 3 turns.
3. Heal 10 HP.
4. Get 2 Action Point.
5. 2 HP regeneration at the start of each turn for 3 turns.
6. +3 DMG stats.
7. +1 Armor stats.
8. Stun the Pokemon.
9. Deal 10 HP damage without losing an Action Point.
10. Poison the enemy for 2 HP at the start of each turn for 3 turns.

Pokemon's move:
1. Deal 10 HP damage.
2. -1 player's Action Points.
3. Pokemon is watching carefully.
4. Pokemon joins user by his own will.
5. Run.
6. Pokemon is watching carefully.
7. Deal 10 HP damage.
8. -1 player's Action Points.
9. Pokemon is watching carefully.
10. Run.

• You have 10 rolls to start.
• Roll is used each time you roll a die and then move.
• If your rolls reached 0, your adventure is ended and you can get everything you have got.

• You have 20 Action Points to start.
• Action Points are used to attract, to capture, or to flee a Pokemon encountered. Each action costs 1 Action Point.
• 0 Action Points means you can't encounter any Pokemon even if you step on an encounter space.
• If you reach 0 Action Points during a battle, you are forced to flee from the Pokemon.

Puzzle Pieces
• Collect all 3 Puzzle Pieces to get a free Baby or Basic Pokemon of your choice from the Adoption Center.
• The Puzzle Pieces can't be taken out of this place. Once the game ends, all the Puzzle Pieces are taken back, unless you collect 3 of them.

Reach the End
• Reach space 40+ means you win and end your adventure.
• By winning this game, you can get a free Evolution Ticket and a Pokemon of your choice from this adventure. Only the first, second, and third Pokemon from each Area can be chosen.

[MAP not found, will be done if this is approved]

Yellow = normal space
Orange = get money ($1 - $5)
Pink = get a Puzzle Piece
Green = Park area
Brown = Rocky Mountain
Blue = Sea Side
Grey = Victory Road
Red = reduce Adventure Points by 2
Purple = reduce Roll by 1
Raibow = get 1 free Roll & 2 Adventure Points
Black = end the adventure!
Snake Tail = return to the space where the Snake Head is
Ladder (bottom) = go to Ladder (top)
The only way I'd approve this is if I played a game, preferably against Fedora.

Originally Posted by Foxamivalth View Post
Breeder's Village

Let's breed Pokemon and have child!
In the Breeder's Village, you can breed 2 Pokemon of yours to get a Pokemon Egg. Or find a friend and pair them. Or you can rent a Ditto from our village and pair it.

You'll get an egg 24 hours after you leave your Pokemon in our village. You can take back your Pokemon after or before the breeding complete. Taking them before 24 hours won't give you an egg.

You can have your egg for free if you breed or pair your Pokemon here. The egg is yours. You can also leave the egg here if you don't want it, and you'll be given an Egg Voucher.

Egg Voucher is a voucher used for adopting an egg for free. To be able to adopt one, you need 3 Egg Vouchers.

The eggs you get or adopt can be hatched using our village's incubator. It will take 12 hours to hatch one.

• Paired Pokemon must be left here for 24 hours to get an egg. Those Pokemon can't be used in any other facilities, battle, or safari adventure.
• If you leave your Pokemon here for 48 hours, you'll get 2 eggs. You will be charged for new pairing.

• To hatch an egg, you need to leave them in our incubator and come back 12 hours to claim your hatchling.
• Leaving your hatchling for 3 days (72 hours) after it hatched will cause the hatchling dead.

• Actually, you buy an egg in Breeder's Village.
• You can choose either from the eggs left by the other customers, or from our own village.
• If you want to adopt an egg left by a customer, you'll get a Pokemon exactly inside the egg.
• If you choose to adopt an egg from our village, you have a random egg and you'll not know what is inside the egg.
• In our village, we supplies: Grassland Eggs, Forest Eggs, Rough-Terrain Eggs, River-Edge Eggs, Sea Eggs, Mountain Eggs, Cave Eggs, and Urban Eggs.
• If you choose Urban Egg, it willll have a chance to hatch into a Pokemon that dwell the Urban Area in Safari Zone.

• Pairing 2 of your own Pokemon - $10
• Pairing a Pokemon with a friend - $7 each
• Pairing with Ditto - $12
• Hatching your own egg - $3
• Hatching an adopted egg - $5
• Adopt an egg - $15 or 3 Egg Vouchers
No. There's no real point, particularly since you're undercutting the Adoption Center.
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