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Breeder's Village

Let's breed Pokemon and have child!
In the Breeder's Village, you can breed 2 Pokemon of yours to get a Pokemon Egg. Or find a friend and pair them. Or you can rent a Ditto from our village and pair it.

You'll get an egg 24 hours after you leave your Pokemon in our village. You can take back your Pokemon after or before the breeding complete. Taking them before 24 hours won't give you an egg.

You can have your egg for free if you breed or pair your Pokemon here. The egg is yours. You can also leave the egg here if you don't want it, and you'll be given an Egg Voucher.

Egg Voucher is a voucher used for adopting an egg for free. To be able to adopt one, you need 3 Egg Vouchers.

The eggs you get or adopt can be hatched using our village's incubator. It will take 12 hours to hatch one.

Paired Pokemon must be left here for 24 hours to get an egg. Those Pokemon can't be used in any other facilities, battle, or safari adventure.
If you leave your Pokemon here for 48 hours, you'll get 2 eggs. You will be charged for new pairing.

To hatch an egg, you need to leave them in our incubator and come back 12 hours to claim your hatchling.
Leaving your hatchling for 3 days (72 hours) after it hatched will cause the hatchling dead.

Actually, you buy an egg in Breeder's Village.
You can choose either from the eggs left by the other customers, or from our own village.
If you want to adopt an egg left by a customer, you'll get a Pokemon exactly inside the egg.
If you choose to adopt an egg from our village, you have a random egg and you'll not know what is inside the egg.
In our village, we supplies: Grassland Eggs, Forest Eggs, Rough-Terrain Eggs, River-Edge Eggs, Sea Eggs, Mountain Eggs, Cave Eggs, and Urban Eggs.
If you choose Urban Egg, it willll have a chance to hatch into a Pokemon that dwell the Urban Area in Safari Zone.

Pairing 2 of your own Pokemon - $10
Pairing a Pokemon with a friend - $7 each
Pairing with Ditto - $12
Hatching your own egg - $3
Hatching an adopted egg - $5
Adopt an egg - $15 or 3 Egg Vouchers

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