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Default Diamonds of Poetries Etched in Time

Ok so I'm just gonna see how this goes since I've not seen any poetry being posted here and my muse has been revived lately. So I would just want to see how many people actually appreciate and like poetry. A bit of myself since I'm rather new around these parts, I used to be an active poet on another forum but the poetry section there has died quite a while ago. I do hope I get to meet new people who also write/read poems, even though there aren't many. But, oh well, I'll try to be optimistic and let Nature do its job. :)

I have written several poems lately but I won't post them all at once. Gosh, that'll an overflow! (And I've to see whether anyone's interested in the first place XD)

Ok so I decided to make an index for easy linking to other poems just in case people miss them.

Poetry Index
Fatal Rhyme
A man had for breakfast, fruits and rye.
He did not know later on he was to die.

An old lady was baking an apple pie.
Her stabbed body was found, God knows why.

A woman went to the barber to have a perm-and-dye,
Then she was found shot because of a blackmailing lie.

If you have an interest for rhyme,
You'll see how murder is so sublime.

So first up is a short poem, inspired by Agatha Christie because I'm an avid fan of mystery novels. :D

It is here. I imagine blood on my hands.
I run...but I can't escape.
It won't stop bothering me. It won't go.
In every corner, in every shade of darkness,
in every silhouette, it strives to catch me.
No use hiding, it has infiltrated my mind.
Sending waves of thoughts and scenes,
it prods and nudges into the deep recess.
It churns out what I've been concealing.
Like a weedkiller, it strikes my conscience.
As it eats away my soul, I'm reminded of everything,
Including that night.
I shuddered, trying to pick up the pieces of my sub-conscious.
I put my hands up, yelling a surrender.
Swiftly it washed over and I blacked out.

I felt bonds on my wrists and chains around my mind.
As I looked up to the person who placed those cuffs and chains,
Guilt was staring back. Now in this small cell, guilt has finally let me free.

Reading it again now, it probably sounds depressing. I think I was on the verge of depression at that time. xD Here's another one, quite ambiguous but that's what makes poetry so intriguing. :)

Ok CnC fire away~! XD

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Click please? :3

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