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Default Re: Serebiish v. FlyingFish

*cracks knuckles* Ok, since it won't seem rude and has been officiated, time to get to work, Grammar time! XD

Originally Posted by Foxamivalth View Post
It's her chance to knocked the opponent out.
Whenever there's a 'to' before a verb, the following verb is always in present tense. :)

Scyther could only hoped the next attack wouldn't knocked him out.
Wrong tenses. Should be 'hope' and 'knock' since could/would were used before.

The winterstorm rages, it blew strongly.
Winter storm is two words. And it should be 'raged', since 'blew' is past tense.

That is all, this post has no concern for the battlers so you all can ignore this. Tata~

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