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Default Re: Saraibre Ryu vs. sammy0295 [Ref: Fox]

Round 3


[Mena & Kituna] Kangaskhan (F)
HP: 82
Energy: 70
Ability: Early Bird
Status: +1 ATK, +1 Sp.ATK
Moves: Toxic ~ Mega Kick

Saraibre Ryu

[Kanya] Kangaskhan (F)
HP: 80
Energy: 80
Ability: Srappy
Status: +1 ATK, +1 Sp.ATK, -1 SPD
Moves: Substitute (10%) ~ Brick Break

Menaís speed is faster than Kanya now, she could use the chance to attact Kanya first before she could do anything else. Mena talked to Kituna, she told her daughter how to make toxin and poison the enemy. Kituna watched her mother carefully, Mena whispered something to her daughter and spit up some liquid from her mouth. Mena released the liquid to Kanya, Kanyaís body started to absorb the liquid. Kanya could feel her blood circulatory was corrupted. Her body was in pain.
[Toxic; Mena - 6 NRG, Kanya = TXC]

Kanya looked at Mena carefully, her body glowed in pale color and she hopped back. A big doll looked realy like Kangaskhan was standing there. Kanya ran to hide somewhere on the top of the sky scrapper. Mena didnít know why her opponent was just standing there staring at her. Kituna told her mother that she saw Kanya was running somewhere, but her mother didnít believe her.
[Substitute; Kanya - 4 NRG, - 10 HP, Substitute 10 HP]

Mena was sure Kanya was standing in front of her without doing anything. Mena stomped the floor and ran towards Kanya, she landed a kick to the dollís stomach. Mena smiled she had hit her opponent, but her smile faded as soon as the Kanya she kicked broke and fell down on the floor. The dollís body was torn. Mena realized it was a decoy. Kituna murmured and blame her mother.
[Mega Kick; Mena - 9 NRG, Substitute - 15 HP, accuracy rolls 55/100 with 75 or less hits]

Kanya got out from her hiding place and chop Mena on her back twice, Mena took the attack without any cover. Kanya jumped back as her attack was success. She tried to stay away from the opponent. But suddenly, her nerve system hurt. The poison in her body started to react and damaged Kanya.
[Brick break; Kanya - 8 NRG, Mena - 9 HP]
[Toxic; Kanya - 2 HP]

Round Over


[Mena & Kituna] Kangaskhan (F)
HP: 73
Energy: 55
Ability: Early Bird
Status: +1 ATK, +1 Sp.ATK

Saraibre Ryu

[Kanya] Kangaskhan (F)
HP: 68
Energy: 68
Ability: Srappy
Status: TXC, +1 ATK, +1 Sp.ATK, -1 SPD

Arena Note
Atop sky scrapper with some grass, trees, and torn doll. Attempts to contact the earth/ground will fail.

sammy0295, your next actions, please.

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