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Umetic, Nexen
ARPers: Saraibre Ryu (Veza Ryngsen), Winter (all Sonas)

An irradiating heat.

That's my second impression of the armored ball.

My third is that she's wary, but also anxious.

Most people look at the WAE in fear, regardless of their courage. But their was no fear in her, on revulsion and anticipation. What would add up to such a comb....

Yes. Yes, Yes, YES!

Revenge is what she was after. I couldn't understand why (although I had a shrewd, though improbable, idea) but she was after their blood. My respect for her temper grew.

I trusted her too; Greg always said that revenge makes one very predictable. I decided to tell her (and the other three that joined us) what I knew:

"They're a force of about 20 Sonas; however, this is not the main problem. They are here not just people, I think, but for land with which they can launch more attacks; it's getting tiresome to travel constantly through Enfin. They are elite: each of them is capable of ripping apart 30 ordinary Sonas. That said, an ambush would throw them off guard. They're not at peak strength, thankfully, so we shoulf be able to take care of them if we are careful."

I looked expectantly at the ball, waiting for a plan. For some reason, she seemed to be a leader.

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