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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

Kian Locke
Light, Ex-Apprentice
Everlastia, Courtyard

Standing a great distance from the large crowd, Kian began to feel uneasy about the atmosphere the Tree provided. He shuffled his feet, a common habit of his when feeling uncomfortable or nervous. Alas, he stood there watching, waiting for the moment when a superior of the Guild would make their arrival to quell the fear and curiosity growing within many of the gatherers. Kian didn't have to wait long as, within moments of his thoughts on when somebody would soon arrive, an Elder appeared from the library, Keyblade Masters surrounding him, seeming to be protection of some sort – but protection from what?

“Be still!” he demanded, the slowly rising voices of the crowd soon coming to an abrupt stop, all looking at the Elder, expecting him to know the cause of this strange turn of events within the Tree. Kian remembered him as “Theron” - one of the many Elders to have denied him another Master. Looking at him with distaste, Kian listened to whether or not the Elder knew anything.“Before you ask: no. I cannot provide all the answers you are seeking. But I must ask that you must leave the premises immediately surrounding the Tree of Blessings. This matter will be investigated by the Council, but until we get to the bottom of this, this area will be off-limits to students. Lunch is still being served in the Mess Hall, and classes are to continue as normal. Apprentices, please send the message on to your Masters that an important trial will be held this afternoon following the lunch hour. Please note that no one will be allowed to check out World Books until otherwise determined by the Council. That will be all—you are dismissed.”

Furrowing his eyebrows, Kian began to think intently. If Elder Theron is stating that the area is off-limits, then surely this is something to worry about. However, he and the Elders may actually know what is happening – why would they inform us? We're not important. Creases appeared on his forehead as his thoughts began to ravage his mind, his eyes darting towards the Tree of Blessings every now and again. He sighed, knowing that he would be unable to pursue any information just by “thinking”.

The crowd, slowly, dispersed from the area, their mutterings following them as they made their way to the Lunch Hall. Kian stood there, watching them go, wondering how he would go about finding the information he so desperately wanted. Then it hit him like a wave does to an unbalanced surfer. Clicking his fingers in an attempt to keep his mind focused on the task at hand, Kian rummaged through a pocket hidden within his grey cloak. Pulling out a small book (which looked much like a journal), he soon began to flick through the pages, whispering words such as: “where is it...” and “come on, come on, come on...”. Upon finding the correct spell, Kian shouted out a triumphant “Haha!” and pulled his hood up on his cloak – clearly not wanting to be seen casting the spell.

“Being a Mage, I'm not just limited to the spells of the Keyblade – unlike others,” he explained to hhimself, smiling broadly at the writing before him. He raised his hand and clicked his fingers, a spark jumping from his fingertips and floating in mid-air. That was all there was to it. Unlike his last spell, this magic was able to be summoned in a much easier, old-fashioned way. This was because he had used it many times and, like all things, practice makes perfect – as well as making the task more easy to do.

The spark, which was currently floating in mid-air, bobbed around Kian's head, excited on getting new orders. It had been so long since it had last been summoned...

“Pay attention,” Kian ordered, the spark soon coming to a stop – eager to do something to please its master. “I need you to follow Elder Theron wherever he may go; I have some questions that need answering, and I want to be one of the first people to find out what's going to happen. Anything he says or does that seems important, I want you to 'branch' off and give me the information.” The spark began to shake erratically, smaller, separate sparks fluttering from its small body, burning small black spots into the blades of grass beneath it. “Understood?” he asked, knowing that the spark would fly off in response, planning on sticking to the Elder like chewing gum stuck to a shoe. Kian smiled as he watched the barely visible spark flutter off.

A few moments passed as he stood there, wondering what information he may gain from this, but he decided that he should wait until the time was to come. Besides, he thought, it was probably just a prank from one of the younger students. He began to make his way to the Lunch Hall, hoping that nobody nearby would have seen, or heard, him – knowing that everyone else was as worried and interested as him, meaning they too would want the information after the spark was to return.

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