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Originally Posted by Tsuna View Post
Justin said I could do this, so I'm doing this.

Basically merged Research Lab, Move tutor, and my earlier Ability idea.


*Insert spiffy Banner here*

Welcome to the Pokémon Development Faculty. Let me introduce myself. I am Dr. Samstein VII. I’ve dedicated my entire life to Pokémon research and development, always finding new discoveries and secrets Nature has to provide. Thanks to my superior intellect, I couldn’t get a job in the Pokémon League Federation, so I thought I’d just start off small with this little multi-storey Facility of mine. At the moment, only 3 levels are open for business. More levels might be open in the near future.


LEVEL ONE: The Chamber of Secrets

No, you don't have to be a Parseltongue to enter. Though, let me welcome you to my very first creation. I found this by mistake, but let me tell you something. Mistakes are great teachers. So, what can you get from this Chamber? Pretty simple. I've currently installed two kinds of gas fumes which alter your Pokemon in a certain way. Take a look below!

Devolution Gas : Maybe you didn’t want to evolve that certain Pokemon of yours yet? Perhaps it looks way cuter in basic form, than its latter? Or perhaps, you'd like to utilize Basic Pokemon to their fullest potential? With a small price of $5; which covers my research & facility bills, you'll have your Pokemon back, at its basic stage. Pretty neat, isn't it? Give it a try, and don't be afraid of changes! This is pretty instant, so close your eyes, and open them back again, and it's done.

Gelatine Gas : Stuck with a male Burmy though you wanted a Wormadam? Or are you simply tired of having a male Snorlax? What about a buffed up female Machamp? Don't you think it's weird to call Mr Mime "MR.Mime" when it's female? And don't let me get started on Female moustache'd Alakazam. Not to worry, because with this new Gas formula, you can alter the gender of your Pokemon. The Pokemon of your choice will simply go through some hormonal changes, and it'd be done, for a small price of $5 as well. This minor operation takes a little bit time of 12 hours, so come back here after that to collect your Pokemon. Of course, I can't do a single shiz on genderless Pokemon, so keep them away....from me.

Remember to fill in this form!
Preferred Gas: (Name the Gas you'd like your Pokemon to be fused with)
But of course, this is only the start of my research. There are many more gases to be found, by your one and only, Samstein.


LEVEL TWO: The Dance Floor

This is the second level. You find a huge hall and a disco ball attached to the ceiling, and no, I don't host my own prom here every year. However, if you wish, you can let your Pokemon out and let them have fun or two. But in all seriousness, have you ever wished for your Pokemon to learn something it rightfully deserves to learn? Do you find it weird that Garchomp doesn't learn Dragon Dance when its a Dragon type? Why Vanilluxe doesn't learn Ice Punch when something like Electrode learns Sucker Punch WITHOUT any frigging hands or fists? Yep, I'm also a part time counselor, so if you reason with me why a certain Pokemon of yours should learn a certain move, I shall recuperate it in this field. Your Pokemon will roam around for a while, before dancing away and then finding a new born power within itself, awakened. But of course, It comes with a small fee depending on the dance course your Pokemon takes. This self discovery for your Pokemon will take about 12 hours, so be back later and take your 'reformed' Pokemon back home, and spend some quality time with it this time round.

Moonwalk : By the end of this course, your Pokemon will be able to learn a Non-Damaging Move.

Price Info;
Non-Damaging Moves

Move Price = (M*3) + EXP

M = Energy Modifier for Move
EXP = Current Experience Level of Pokemon


There are currently eleven exceptions to this rule. Their prices have been pre-decided.

Magic Coat/Snatch/Substitute/Metal Burst/Counter/Mirror Coat - $12 + EXP
Destiny Bond/Perish Song/Curse/Grudge/Nightmare - $22 + EXP

Example 3

Consider a Munchlax, with no extra experience trying to learn Encore.
M = 3 ; EXP = 2
Move Price = (3*3) + 2 = $11

Break dancing : By the end of this course, your Pokemon will be able to learn a Damaging Move.

Price Info;

Damage-Dealing Moves

Move Price = (BP/10*S) + EXP + A + P

BP = Base Power of Move
S = Stab Modifier (S = 1.5 if Pokemon has STAB and S = 1 if Pokemon does not have STAB)
EXP = Current Experience Level of Pokemon
A = Additional Effect Modifier (See below)
P = Move Priority

Useful Information and Links

Additional Effect Modifiers
A = +2 ; Attack decreases opponent's stat/increases user's stat by 2 stages
A = +1 ; Attack decreases opponent's stat/increases user's stat by 1 stage
A = -2 ; Attack increases opponent's stat/decreases user's stat by 2 stages
A = -1 ; Attack increases opponent's stat/decreases user's stat by 1 stage
A = -2 ; User has to recharge
A = +1; Attack has a chance to inflict a status on the opponent
A = +1; Attack has a chance to flinch the opponent (Includes Fake Out)
A = +1; Attack has an added chance of Critical Hit (like Slash, Stone Edge, etc.)
A = +3; Attack is Ancientpower/Ominous Wind/Silver Wind

Move Priority List
ASB Compendium

The ASB Compendium includes information on Pokemon Experience Levels (see ASB Stats Tab) and Attack Base Powers and Energy Modifiers (see Attacks Tab)

Note: Experience can change if you've used Rare Candies, so don't forget to mention it when you apply for a move, along with a link to your Trainer Stats.

One-Hit Knockout Moves

These include Guillotine, Horn Drill, Fissure and Sheer Cold.
Their price is fixed at $27 + EXP

Example 1

Let us consider a Gengar, with no extra experience, trying to learn Shadow Sneak.
BP = 40 ; Gengar gains STAB so S = 1.5 ; EXP = 9 ; No Additional Effects, so A = 0 ; Shadow Sneak has priority +1, so P = 1
Move Price = (40/10)*1.5 + 9 + 0 + 1 = $16

Example 2

Consider a Tauros with no extra experience trying to learn Skull Bash.
BP = 100 ; S = 1.5 ; EXP = 8 ; Skull Bash raises defense by 1 stage so A = +! ; P = 0
Move Price = (100/10)*1.5 + 8 + 1 + 0 = $24

To save you some trouble, read the list below to know of approved Pokemon + their moves, so that you don't have to wait for me to approve you again. There are still many parts of this place that needs to be decorated and upgraded, so for now, there's only limited space for these dance courses.

Pokemon - Move
Gastly/Haunter/Gengar - Pain Split, Shadow Sneak.
Kecleon - Encore.
Poliwag/Poliwhirl/Poliwrath/Politoed - Aqua Jet.
Metang/Metagross - Metal Burst.
Munchlax/Snorlax - Encore.
Huntail - Super Fang.
Buneary/Lopunny - Tickle.
Tauros - Skull Bash.
Growlithe/Arcanine - Super Fang.
Vulpix/Ninetails - Fire Fang.
Mankey/Primeape - Swords Dance.
Spinarak/Ariados - Swords Dance.
Drillbur/Excadrill - Stone Edge.
Joltik/Galvantula - Reflect.
Yamask/Cofagrigus - Hypnosis.

Remember to fill in this form!
Preferred Course: (Name the course, and the Move you want your Pokemon to learn)
Reason for Move: (Give an appropriate reason why should your Pokemon learn that move)


Some Pokemon challenge me in terms of intellect, but do they really have the ABILITY to do so? Have you ever come across superb abilities, but they're on the wrong Pokemon, or vice versa? If you wish to change a certain ability of your Pokemon to a "better" alternative, you may take the IQ test. However, be aware that ability you get to pick, can only be from Pokemon which shares similar typing to the one you're getting the new ability.


Magmortar w/ Flame Body

You choose abilities from Fire Type Pokemon only.

Examples : Blaze, Solar Power, Flash Fire.

Of course, you'd have to pay a small fee of $17 for the paper, materials and whatnot. I hate cutting down trees. If I happen to find you're giving too much steroids or drugs to your Pokemon to pass this IQ Test (overpowering with epic abilities), I have the right to fail you. However, I know you people aren't so intentional so I'll provide alternative abilities should I reject your original. I'm a very nice guy. This test also takes about 12 hours to complete, and if successful, you get back your Pokemon with the new ability.

Remember to fill in this form!
Existing Ability: 
New Ability: 
Before concluding our tour and sending you people off, please be aware of the following rules. It saves my ass, big time.

- All Pe2k & ASB Rules apply.
- Post all your transactions accordingly.
- After the 12 hour period for using any of my facilities, re-register your Pokemon here.

Dr. Samstein VII (Tsuna) - Lead Scientist
ASB Staff - Scientists
I will absolutely support the march of science.
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