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Default Re: Challenger [Foxamivalth] vs Terminal Gym Leader [paperfairy]{Lord Fedora}

Leader Paperfairy

[-] Heracross (F)
Ability: Guts
Health: 10
Energy: 80
Status: Att+3; Inf; Conf; Tox; Sub @ 1 HP
Brick Break~Brick Break/Rock Smash

Challenger Foxamivalth

[-] Archeops (M)
Ability: Defeatist
Health: 8
Energy: 64
Status: Defeatist. Sub @ 20 HP
Quick Attack/Endeavor~Aerial Ace/Endeavor/Quick Attack

Archeops sets his sights immediately on Heracross’ Substitute. If it weren’t there he’d have a clean shot to finish off Heracross, but it is, and he doesn’t. With a grimace, he bursts forward in a blast of speed, sacrificing power-which he doesn’t need anyway-for quickness. He passes by the Substitute, barely clipping it with his beak, and it blasts apart in a pitiful puff of smoke.

Heracross, meanwhile, steadies herself. While that bang to the head had hurt, it had also made the voices pretty much go away, allowing her to concentrate on her mercifully simple orders. She draws her fist back and jumps forward, targeting Archeops’ face. Her hand glows with energy, and she swings it forward, striking… a copy. The Substitute jumps in the way, taking the hit and shattering from the sheer energy. While it doesn’t do jack to stop the attack, it allows Archeops to wing out of the way. Heracross isn’t done yet, though. Before Archeops can react or attack again, she twists her body, taking sheer thrill in being back in the game. She leaps up and draws her fist back and unleashes a haymaker. Archeops squawks as it strikes him in the face, but he doesn’t make a single other sound than the thump as his unconscious body hits the floor. Heracross smiles, although it’s extremely pained, as her own wounds combined with the poison flushing through her veins are taking their toll. She’ll be able to take about as much of a hit as her Substitute did.

Leader Paperfairy

[-] Heracross (F)
Ability: Guts
Health: 2
Energy: 72
Status: Att+3; Tox

Challenger Foxamivalth

[-] Archeops (M)
Ability: Defeatist
Health: -5
Energy: 59
Status: KO

Archeops uses Quick Attack. Substitute is destroyed. -6 energy.
Heracross uses Brick Break (Conf: 6/85; Inf: 85/90). It’s a critical hit! (502/625). Substitute is wrecked. -5 energy.
Heracross uses Rock Smash (Conf: 52/90; Inf: 71/90). Deals 13 damage. Archeops is knocked out! -3 energy. Confusion breaks.
Toxic hurts Heracross. -8 HP

Foxamivalth’s Snorlax is forced out. Paperfairy, your moves please.
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